Across The Universe 

Inspired by sweet Annie B

Across the universe

His hands are sweeping her hair 

Golden locks, a hiding place for her wilted stare 

His love harnesses no questions 

He knows, she quietly begs for his affection

He cradles each tear drop

He captures each fear 

Allowing her wild spirit 

…to roam with a freedom repaired 

On the tips of butterfly wings 

On the dew of a dawning field 

As he 

Catches a ride, on her ruby studded coattails 

…The magical trace of their glorious fate 

From dancing with the stars up on high

To coming down, with a sobering cry

Golden strands again shielding her eyes

He is sweeping her hiding place

and rocking her grief

Across the universe, exists two lovers

and I wonder

…Is one of them me?

80 thoughts on “Across The Universe 

      1. Hi beautiful sister! I was literally just thinking of you 😊. I miss you too. The kids go back to school in two weeks so all of the sudden it’s rush rush rush to get things done and also just enjoy our summer moments. I miss you too my sis. How are you?

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      2. Oh good for you Carolina! How wonderful. That was always my dream until I had to go back to work after the divorce. I cried for a long time behind the desk at work- but now I am better and so thankful that they are apart of a fantastic Charter school here- so it seems I have had to adjust my dreams :)) love ya sis!

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      3. It’s ok, we all have to adjust at something in life when events happens! I did too I had to adjust at a lots of things during the past 12 years in a email sometimes soon I will tell you all my story, then you will know why I am the way I am today. Btw never give up on dreams you can adjust them 🙂 love you too sis

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  1. How much do I love this? The answer lies across the universe. I love Fiona’s cover so much and with a scene from one of my favorite movies of all.

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      1. They are supposed to move my blog sometime tomorrow – keep your fingers crossed. How are you doing today sweet girl?

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  2. ah thy maggert. she does this song justice. and for good reason too. are you a lover?> you were. are you now? dont know. not here though. this is a viral palette to journal what is over done. jai guru. nothing s gonna change my world. it is shuttered and closed off tight sad. so sad.

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  3. wow…its really so beautiful…souldiergirl must admit you are one unique but with divine heart to bring out something so beautiful yet with ocean of emotions…👌👍

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  4. I was fighting jet lag and missed a few days. What a beautiful poem about eternal love I have found here! Souldier Girl, thank you for sharing this – I am feeling so miserable tonight, and your poem truly “soothes the soul”.

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    1. Oh thank you for being here and sharing your sweet words with me. You are so gentle and kind. I am so sorry you were having a hard night. Are you doing better? I am so glad it helped to be here and I really love when you come around sweetest soul with an amazing eye❤️

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