42 thoughts on “Strongholds 

      1. I truly appreciate you Erika. More than you know- I stand in admiration like “I want to be like her when I grow up” and I mean grow in the spiritual sense. You’re like a mentor, an inspiration, a gift gift gift!

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      2. I am so much of the most “normal” person you can imagine with lots of quirks…lol I may just show things others might have forgotten for a while. And those others show me so much I have forgotten. We simply mee the right people at the right time… But I know what you mean and that humbles me more than I can say. Love ya, dear 💖

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  1. Boy, do I ever know how that is. I just posted something that goes along with the same idea. Like about dying. Although we don’t know what we are going through at the time, maybe 10 years down the line we can see why.

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      1. I believe one day we will! It’s the essence of faith to me, SG. Knowing somewhere inside that the exists a place where the answers are revealed and the pain no longer leads the way.

        I’m intrigued now for sure! Can’t wait to read.

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