Ancestral Sage

This morning I woke

In an ancestral cage

Passed down and cleansed with grandmothers

White sage

A glowing freedom

A warrior’s song

All the victors have fallen for

And all we have overcome

I swung back and forth

Allowing the tears to come

Grief takes up chapters in our story

As does the peace, awakening and love

Yet today I chant a tear note melody

The wailing of a mother’s fractured heart remedy

I do not feel beautiful

My soul is bowed in a pale shaded woe

And I will rock in this cage

Until grandmothers spirit whispers


58 thoughts on “Ancestral Sage

    1. You’re so kind to me- thank you. Last couple days just feel like I could dissolve into ashes of sadness. I appreciate your support and pure sweetness- so much, thank you.


  1. Oh Sisterheart, I love you. You are a Strong and Brave Warrior on this battlefield we share. I just wish my engagement would stray a little closer to yours so that I could lend a hand with more than just words. Sometimes the pain wells up so hard you feel like you’ll break, but you haven’t yet. And I don’t believe you are ever going to, Shieldmaiden. And you know you have my Sword and Shield whenever you need it.

    All my love and respect.

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    1. Thank you Eric. A few hard days, but I won’t break- I know I won’t and you know I wont. You know that feeling when you are under water and the chaos above is just a murmur? I love that feeling- if only I was a mermaid and could stay under the ocean, In the waters I feel so at home- on land I struggle to breathe and to be. Thank you for your love and support- it means so much and it helps to carry me through these slumps. To rise back up again and face another day. Please know and note that I am so grateful.

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      1. You’re an amazingly talented woman. Sometimes, your words just resonate so deeply, trying to describe it would be redundant. I can only hope that you have close to equal measures of days that are carefree, happy even and always on a forward path, smiles ❤

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  2. I love this post, SG… the grandmother’s cage is a safe place to weep… a protected place… a place that reverberates up and down the line, past to future, and all the songs can find you… washing out the pain…

    Sending strength,

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