Twilight of Intrigue 

Do you see

The amigos of three 

Brushing upon the twilight of intrigue

The starry night 

Gazing in our eyes

Comprised of moments 

Later whispered as memories 

Carried on the tail end of time

“Remember when it was you and I

In the silence of life”

Love, solace and a hopeful gleam

Brushing upon

The twilight of intrigue 


101 thoughts on “Twilight of Intrigue 

      1. It is nice to see a smile! I am happy for the good. Much like yourself, my life is in fluctuation. I am doing well simply because life is grand. I smile knowing we breathe the same air. Are we having fun yet?

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      2. I looooove your reply! Yes it’s Friday and I could use some fun. I should actually say “it is”- do you even know how that post about the breakup with apostrophe has changed my writing? Thank you for that! So much more eloquent to say it is, is it not? ;))

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      3. You are most welcome. YES! It is. Thank You. You honor me. 😡 Some break-ups are essential for bringing us together, with someone or something that enriches our life. I am happy this break-up has brought us together, sharing in the love of grammar. Are we having fun yet? Wade

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  1. Love, Solace and Hope…Some of my favorite words. Particularly Solace…A safe refuge away from the hurt of the world. Elysium is another…and the Twilight has always been my favorite time of the evening. I love the color the makes. Beautiful words, Sisterheart.

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  2. Eloquent and beautiful my Muse. This reads as though I am hearing you voice speak it, powerful yet humble, one of your best to date, you are true inspiration to me

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    1. Thank you for your words-they mean more than you know. Am I really an inspiration to you? truly? I love you so much-thank you for living this moment with me and making memories that I can put into words.

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      1. Yes babe, you are an inspiration for staying positive and creative,
        You reach deep to seek truth in your writing and it’s and inspiration to me to do the same with my music. Its awesome to me to see all the people you reach here on this blog and I love to read how you’ve inspired them. Don’t stop writing, you talent is blooming and I’m blessed to be part of it

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      2. I hope this is true. I don’t think I can ever stop writing. I hope it will stay a positive atmosphere and you can see that is the beauty of who I am- to help others trough my own experiences and now, ours.


  3. Ms. S….

    Love it, a lot… can I use it for my poetry section? I’d like my readers to see it…. that way I can say a few words to send them over to read more… It works better than a re-blog, I think… Besides, it makes at least one day I don’t have to find another one… I AM lazy, you know… Thanks in advance, if okay…



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    1. Hi Gigoid! Yes absolutely, you can share whatever you would like to my awesome friend. Please do-and thank you for wanting to, you honor me and lift my spirits. High fives all around to you my friend!

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      1. Cool; you should get a pingback tomorrow, when I will include it in the poetry section…. Thanks…


        Oh, and, btw…. ‘gigoid’ never has capital letters, ever…. too much ego involved that way…. plus, it saves time typing it…


        gigoid, the dubious


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  4. Later whispered as memories

    Carried on the tail end of time

    Stunning verses… beautiful poem… And I love Whitman’s quote as well!~
    Great share… All my best wishes! Aquileana ⭐

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      1. Hey there beautiful! My girl always says that to me and I smile every time! Isn’t that a wonderful thing when another woman says that to you? I have a co-worker female that says it to me everyday. It catches me off guard because most women are worried about seeming odd. But not me! I love odd. LOL I overslept today! OMG. Alex came in mom are you getting up today? What time is it oh god. The electricity but have blinked off in the middle of the night! So nothing happens by accident. I need sleep. We all need to sleep more and rest our weary hearts and minds! Being all things to all people is hard! I poured some love out for you just want you to know how much I appreciate you! Have a wonderful day my beautiful friend! I mean beautiful in all way inside and outside! Let’s join hands and never forget that! ❤ I love you! My heart feels connected to yours and I'm going with it! I prefer deeper connections don't you? For you when you have time to breath and rest and read! I pray peace, love, grace, faith and mercy surround you today! I'm watering today with hope and love! ❤ You are covered! We are covered! WooHoo!

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      2. I overslept too! Maybe something is in the air 🙂 I do need rest too and yes it is so important. I am so happy if is Friday. Yes I do want a deeper connection and I feel so close with you- ever since you came to explore my blog- yay!! What a great day that was. 😘😍 I love what you wrote and I needed that pour- I think “how am I so lucky to deserve this love?!” you are such a gift Michelle- a treasure, a gem. ❤️


      3. We receive and then get full and pour it out again! I love it when that happens! You water and you don’t realize it! I can tell! We never know the impact our spirit and words have on another till they sprout up in faith! ❤ I don't know what that means maybe you do! It just popped out! 😀 lol

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      4. Wow sweetie that was awesome. “We never know the impact our spirit and words have on another till they sprout up in faith!” Love love love it and amen!


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