Soul Love 

I was having a hard time a few weeks back- being cut off from some people I really love for no particular reason- I fell into a slump- an unloved sad little slump. Poking around my favorite sites I saw a post by the lovely Carolina at yesterdayafter. If you don’t already know or haven’t seen (please please look) Carolina makes her own incredible jewelry. That night she had posted a Rose Quartz- did you know Rose quartz is termed the “love stone”? It’s also called the bohemian Ruby- hello! How awesome is that?! 

We got to sharing about the healing properties it brings. Carolina is educated in all of this btw- she’s amazing. So she began to make me my own- she spent the week pouring soul love into this ring for me. It was not something cool I picked up at a random shop- this was made from straight soul love to connect us in friendship and healing.

And the day came when it arrived…

I sat on my bed with the giddiness of a child! I felt her love and now I have something to wear so I never forget.

I have been hurt so much in my life that I became afraid and even suspicios when someone was actually kind to me! I am breaking down those fears and here in this forum I have been so embraced. I have been loved and accepted. I still can’t believe it. We are worthy of this love. We are all worthy of our own love stone- to remind us when we forget. 
**thank you sweet Carolina for your time and encouragement and joy toward me- we share a soul love that, like this stone, will hold strong against the winds of fear and peril. 

Love, real love, is a fierce light to demolish doubts and doom. ~SG

Have a great day my fellow loves! 


97 thoughts on “Soul Love 

  1. I have a ring made just like that but it is a Peruvian Opal with Amethysts. I’m glad you have something to wear every day to remind you that you are loveable. When you know that deep down in your heart, rejection still hurts but it doesn’t disable. From what I’ve read of your heart, you are very loveable..

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    1. Thank you so much Pam- you are so kind to me. I am intrigued learning what these different stones represent and I like holding them close knowing they do indeed bring love. They are from Gods raw earth after all- how wonderful is that!

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  2. I missed you. In fact, I missed you so much I wrote a story about you, but I didn’t want you to think I missed you too much (because a little scouring is good for the soul) so I made you the Queen and then you lost your throne. So ner. 😉

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  3. What a lovely and thoughtful token to treasure. You deserve it! ❤️

    And this is a beautiful line: “we share a soul love that, like this stone, will hold strong against the winds of fear and peril”

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    1. Aww Annie-it is not fair you say the most wonderful things but I can’t turn around and give you a huge hug because you are bringing me joy! I am sending a strong sister soul hug to you now-hope you can feel it. love you

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  4. This is wonderful! What a happy story to read so early in the morning! I hope it has the same effect on the rest of my day! What a beautiful gift!

    Wear it in good health and happiness, Brave Warrior! You’ve a lot of people who are very happy to see you shine! 🙂 Love and respect.

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  5. Lovely… wear it with love, and it will heal some of the pain’s memory…. I’d imagine it will both absorb love from others, and radiate your own to all those around you…

    Blessed Be, little sister…


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    1. I love that thought Gigoid. I will do that and I will raise it to the sun and say “radiate this over to my friend Gigoid please” :)) Oh, it’s happening. Feel the love awesome friend! I appreciate you

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  6. I have been hurt so much in my life that I became afraid and even suspicios when someone was actually kind to me! I am breaking down those fears and here in this forum I have been so embraced. I have been loved and accepted. I still can’t believe it. We are worthy of this love. We are all worthy of our own love………..


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      1. Me too.
        Through writing is where I find my hidden strength too. It is a way to show the real me of which I do not show to the outside world. It is wonderful to find this path to poetry. 🙂
        You’re lucky to have a good friend like her. Precious gift of all!

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      1. I’m so glad to hear that! You’re a strong woman, and I admire you. God bless you. I pray you continue your journey in His glorious path. Blessings and peace. 😄✌💗

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  7. Hello yay you posted! I was so happy to see this! Me too I do that too and I throw all of me into loving! Ugh! Well here’s all I know water, be gentle to yourself and enjoy friends and water some more! I was thinking about you today! I hope you feel better! Yes you are worthy of all the best this world had to offer! I love your tender heart and tender shares. The Rose Quartz is beautiful! I didn’t know that about it! Yay for you! I’m so happy for you 💜😄💜more water! Wonderful quotes! I’ve always said I can’t tell you what love is but I can tell you what it’s not! 😄😄💗💗

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  8. What a remarkable response you received. I must say that women are so good at being friends and expressing love for each other. Men tend to be lone wolves.

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    1. I have actually had so many bad experiences with women and so I learned to shy away and keep to myself, like you said, lone wolf. Since being here though on WP I have been loved and embraced and I still cannot believe it. There are so many kind souls in this world, It is just a matter of finding them-or them finding you :))

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  9. I am so sorry that you were in a slump. The last few weeks have been rough. I missed seeing you around so I am so glad that you are back and feeling better. The ring is beautiful and what an awesome reminder that you are loved. You are also deeply loved around the blog world. You touch so many lives with your elegant writings and obvious love for all. God bless you!!

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      1. It does, trust me. If you stand in the integrity and truth within, God/the Universe automatically attracts to you accordingly. It’s not a ‘if your good or bad’ like the old days that they threatened you with, it is a very simple, straight forward ‘what you put out, you get back’.
        An example (which I think I mentioned before 🙂 ), if you walk into a room and there are 2 people, one is angry agro and not a happy body at all, the other is happy, smiling and chirpy….who are you attracted to. Exactly…be that person.
        Of course there is big things amongst that, as you well know…but those are for bringing that love within for you to find that beauty that is you, and finally allow you to let go of all those fears that we all carry around, and finally love ourselves completely and be the unconditional love that has always been inside us all.
        As we clear all our fears, that love becomes clearer and clearer, and we truly begin to ‘see’ from a whole new perspective.
        Be proud of you and what you have been through. Those beautiful people that have left this earthbound place and are cheering you on, are helping you to be the best that you can be. Stand in that truth….and smile, for them and for you Souldiergirl, their love is always there inside, and each step you take on your path will bring you closer to that lovely heart within. Mark


  10. Carolina is indeed amazing! I LOVE your ring! She did a fabulous job! Since beginning my blog I have realized how loving and supportive others here can be. They understand us in ways that others cannot. I am truly blessed with the friendships that I have made! Keep the love flowing girl…we’re all here when you need us!

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    1. Aw- thank you so much, that means everything to me :)) yes Carolina is indeed amazing! I love her work and yes I feel those connections too- it is so wonderful here, I keep connecting with more people too and it is so comforting and feels safe. Thanks Krista!

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