Sunday Love 

 The bang on the drum 

Calls sisters and brothers to

Gather as one 

Vibrations under the feet of children 

Beckons an innocence of movement 

And for too long 

I believed I was not worth any of this 

To be loved 

Was a pipe dream of strangeness 

Yet somehow friends have peeked 

From distant mountains 

Taking my hand to say 

…Sweet sister,


…Is impossible! 

*Top picture is my sweet son and this piece is based on performing at 2015 World Music Fest. I’ve been so embraced with love. Thank you 

91 thoughts on “Sunday Love 

      1. I do! I adore you so much I get a little carried away sometimes- ☺️💖❤️💋💪👍😻🙋 lol- for real! You are wonderful Annie. Hope you are doing better sweet soul.

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  1. My Dearest SisterHeart.. this piece makes me so happy. To think on you with a smiling heart is the most beautiful image of you I can think of. I’m so glad that you are being embraced in warm friendship and love. Love and respect, Always. ♡

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    1. Thank you so much my friend. I’m workin on a special name for you too so just hang on. I am so glad too- I needed this and I’ve been soaking in every second so I can take it with me when I go. Peace and smiles so many and much :))

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      1. I’m sure our souls have met before, you’ll remember your name for me, soon enough. 😉

        Wonderful, soak it up as much as you can and full every container you can find. That’s precious stuff!! ♡

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      2. It is! I love that vision- of filling every container. It’s funny you said that cuz my kids and Literally just gathered containers for all the water we can hold cuz it’s so hot here- now I will add love to that water mix. You’re awesome, thank you!

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  2. I love it when the smoke clears from the pipe dream of strangeness, and we come home to our innate love-ability… Always inspiring to behold, and a blessing to all…


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  3. Sweet sister, nothing is impossible! Reading this made me smile and my heart jump!!! It it is so true! I posted a quote not long ago: You will always (and only) rise as high as you believe you can. It depends on what you believe in. And you can believe whatever you want. Nobody can tell you what you have to believe. Nobody is ever able to limit you in your beliefs… it is always only we ourselves!!! You rock, girl!

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    1. You rock!! Do you have your quotes in a book? I know you have books, and I am sorry I have not ordered one yet-I feel like every day zooms by faster than I can keep track of. I really really love what you just said and I want to hang it in my room- I mean it. I needed that today. Thank you soul sister. Yes, nothing is impossible and I will believe as high as I can imagine. Oh how i wish I could hug you!! You make such a difference. Love you sister friend.

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  4. Well done,as always, trooper,

    I love the simplicity of your poetry style, amorphous as it is; it’s powerful, and takes the reader straight to the essence of the feeling(s)/thought(s) you are expressing… Lovely poem, and thought…


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  5. You have a handsome handful in that boy, your words bless me every chance I get to be able to read them. Truly gifted and I am blessed to be getting to know you. Keep writing and on my good days I will read it. ♡

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    1. Thank you so much dear soul. Isn’t he tho-my sweet miracle. I am blessed that you are here, I am so happy to be getting to know you too-such a strong and beautiful person. I e-mailed you a “test” email. I am really hoping it worked. If not let me know and I will try again :))

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  6. Hello. I wanted to say that I saw comments that you made and I was going back to answer them and they are gone. You know the comments at the top? Anyway I wanted to answer them. I hope I didn’t miss anything.
    I love this mention that you performed at the WP Music fest and I’m not sure what that is but I’m so happy to see this! Yay! I love the photo of your sweet son! Nothing like being a momma! I love that! Then mention of taking hands from afar I feel this is so so true! Also heart connections. I love that! Hope you have a beautiful week! 😀 ღ

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    1. What comments? Comments made by others? Shoot-I hope WP isn’t deleting things again! I am not sure what you are referring too but I want to know so I can get to the bottom of it-a little investigation ;))
      Yes, I love my babies-they are both such miracles to my soul and renew me daily. So, I joined a womens indian drumming group-part of my “rebirth” getting out there and living and overcoming fears. I was really nervous to start something I have never done let alone to perform with these women. Michelle, they totally embraced me, just as you have, no judgements, or attitude, just pure love-the way sisters should be right? The festival was really special too because it was filled with kind souls-something I have not experienced enough of but I am loved it and it is helping me to believe and hope again. I am loving myself and living again ;)) Still a baby at it-but I won’t give up. You are wonderful Michelle. Have a beautiful day sunshine.


      1. You know how when I comment on your blog and then you comment back well I wanted to go back and maybe answer those comments. They were not on my little comment thingy anymore. So I didn’t want you to think I ignored your responses. It’s important to me that if someone comments and I don’t respond right away that they don’t feel ignored. I know that might sound silly but I had issues with being invisible so it makes me sensitive to this feeling or responses someone might have and I always try to say something because WP does this and even though I know it’s just WP the friends I have made I always want to honor their hearts and where they are. Hope that makes sense.
        Now for the Indian drumming! You won’t believe this but my girl is Cherokee Indian. She is blonde as ever, well depending rather she dyes it darker or not, and 1/2 Cherokee. They do these stomp dances at the pow-wows but not drumming which I find fascinating that you get to do this drumming! I’ve only been to one of these. What a wonderful way to usher in this renewal. I love the sound of the drums. You can feel it all the way through you soul! I think sisters like this are so important. I hope this doesn’t sound bad but i sister girl friend told me once when men get involved women act different and there’s something about just girls only! No one plays to the dude tune. In fact I’ve done that for so long I’d be happy if all those dudes would be put on a ship and go far away from me. 😀 Then I might be safe to not act stupid around them. 😛 That is part of my renewal is to own who I am and no change one single thing, action, word or thought about myself when they are around. So hard for me to do. I do have some strong girl friends and they remind me like you said your sister does she fills your phone with photos and text. It’s good to help a girl friend out! I’m so happy you are loving yourself and living again! I’m a baby at it too! I won’t give up because one you experience a little bit of freedom you want all of you to be free! Yay! You are wonderful I feel the same way about you! Have a glorious you kind of day! 😀 LOL that made me smile!

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      2. Ahh! I am Cherokee:)) it’s sister bonding day with you sunshine! How exciting to hear this. I love your renewal and I will be here to encourage you- you are beautiful and lovely and sweet and fun!! Let’s embrace our true selves so we don’t have to send all the dudes on a ship ☺️. We can send a few of them tho, lol ;)) be free sister!! You’ve made me feel so happy this morning. ️Xoxoxoxoxo

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      3. I love that! That’s amazing lets do brace our true selves! I am here to encourage you too! Let’s be free! We can be trees and sway in the breeze! That sounds cheesie but I’ll think of you next time I feel a breeze! That made me smile! Have a lovely evening! Xoxo yay

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      4. Oh honey I just love you! No not cheesie- beautiful. And I am a visual person so that really makes sense to me. And trees are so full of strength and wisdom too- so yes, with our faces to the sun, let’s be like trees.


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