Wake Me 

  Broken apologies 
From all the times life used 

“I’m sorry”

Worn out whiskey bottles 

From hands clutching glass

To sink the rising sorrows

The window seat 

..where hope and my soul meet 

Now submerged from the pointed finger 

“Not today little girl”

Yeah ok..

Well I am pretty tired of this 

…teasing burial of my dreams

So I’m gonna make like a fairytale 

And sleep underground

Wake me with that kiss

When heartbeats sync with bliss 


63 thoughts on “Wake Me 

      1. My kids always think their Mama is a lovely woman even if Papa sometimes said their Mama is a little fat on the stomach. When he said that, it upsets my girls and my ten years old Tyra said to him that Mama gave birth to 7 kids! And what did you do???? hahahaha … That was hillarious.

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      2. 7 kids?! Amazing mama!! She is right and yes that is awesome! You’re right kids are very honest. I love that they are so proud of you. You are a beautiful soul Sherrie. Your family is lucky to have you.

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  1. “Worn out whiskey bottles
    From hands clutching glass
    To sink the rising sorrows”

    It’s a sad irony, is it not? No matter how much we drink, our sorrows always seem able to keep floating to the top … meanwhile, we are the ones who sink ever more deeply. A good poem, Souldiergirl – very evocative!

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      1. Thank you for the compliment – although I hardly deserve it. Wisdom is one of those things that comes from experience … in my case, it was observing the experiences of others that showed me the trap that many fall into while trying to drown their sorrows. Thank you again for your poetry and your kind words 🙂

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    1. Yes-you put it so beautifully Erika. I have been fighting a sadness lately, but I have never been able to give up-I do, however, get frustrated at times. “Hey universe see me pouting-thats right my lip is even out” haha. Lately I have been sitting in the stillness of my thoughts before I react, a good way to process them. Anyway, how is my beautiful soul sister doing? My spirit feels a little distance-but maybe I am way off-which is completely possible too. Just know I am here and truly care about you.

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      1. Oh no, I am here, Souldier sister. I am just pretty busy at the moment. There is no distance at all. Don’t worry. I too have to work some things out and they often occupy my mind too. But that is all only temporary. I am here and I am happy to have you. I love your wonderful comments and I appreciate your openness. Sometimes the things we think we are over seem to flow back and surround us like a cloud, right? But clouds dissolve. Sometimes we need to move on without having any explanation about happenings or behaviors of others. Not easy. Did you read Syl’s poem of the Closing door? I had a long discussion and it is right about that. Perhaps go and read it. Much love to you, Souldier sis

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      2. You are so right. Yes we do have to move on without any explanation. I am working through that too. I can be a little stubborn but really am practicing “the art of letting go”. I am so glad you are still here with me. You mean so much to me. Thank you for replying and being present with me. Prayers for the clouds dissolving over our heads. ❤️💖

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      3. Yep- it can drive me crazy because I literally don’t understand some actions done by others. But it is better to let it go into the universe and began to move forward. It helps when one has faithful friends to do that with 💖😊

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      4. I totally hear you. An explanation, knowing the Why would make it so much easier. Same over here. I just though that this is exactly the lesson we have to learn right because it is so hard for us.


  2. OH yes I’m awake for sure! This is beautiful and I love your images so wonderful! Wake me too! Oh wait I’m already awake and seem to always be! I love this poem and this beautiful expression of your inner you! It’s really quite shiny looking for sparkles and rainbows and all things good no matter what! I think that is so wonderful! ❤ Have a super day beautiful friend! ❤

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      1. You got that magic yourself! I love a joyful heart even when maybe joyful things aren’t happening the general countenance is one of joy, peace, love and certainly strength! ❤ I'm about to break out in I am woman hear me roar! 😀 LOL


  3. Oh my Sisterheart. You know pain so well and if I could accuse the universe of one crime that would be it. How painful it is to watch daemons continue to rise from the graves we thought were sealed…and they have a way of smashing crystal dreams in front of us, when we need them most. I hope one day you wakeup in such a beautiful fashion..until then keep holding on with that Shieldmaiden iron grip. Courage and honor, beautiful warrior. ♡

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    1. Your comments are poetry. Simply beautiful. Yes, it is so painful isn’t it? I am in a funk but still reaching for that Shield- one hand drowning, one hand with an iron grip to a lifesaver. Thank you so much for being so kind to me. It means so much

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  4. Beautiful, sad, cynical sleeping beauty with her hope for love buried deep underground…my hope for her is in the power of genuine love to raise her to live again. Life is a powerful force and though the form it once inhabits fades, it will rise again in another form to love again.

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  5. Hi beautiful Soul your poems are always so painfully and beautiful! I would love to be able to do something to take away your pain…But today I have something that will brighten your day or evening, something that you are expecting from me to be ready…it is ready to be shipped to you from a soul to another 🙂

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