In the Heart of my Night 


This has been 

…a spirit stretched day

And now that it is through

Wish I could pull up a simple chair

To sit and talk with you

It has been gravely long 

Since our parallel souls sang a song 

We tally each blessing

Deciphering right from wrong

The nights fall short and the days are shy 

The silence we adorn 

Flies on the backs of hurricanes in the  cries of a storm 

If I could cradle the eye of the blow 

And ride it to you

You could balance my weeping

In a harmony of two


121 thoughts on “In the Heart of my Night 

      1. i know that. dont worry it s your life and im no stalker nor creep. just a writer. my pains are moslty selfinflicted and inflicted by my family. end of line.

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  1. The silence we adorn

    Flies on the backs of hurricanes in the cries of a storm — These beautiful words are so true, we ride the storms of life in silence. What a relief to discard that garment and unload a week full of care among others who also, break silence and give comfort by doing nothing else but sharing the events of their personal storms.


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      1. Thank you, My youngest set of Twins Grands are approaching 2 in August, big time party(Dads will be home from school for a week) over Labor Day, smaller one in Aug. Grandpa and part of the Clan here will spoil them in preparation, indeed. Youngest Granddaughter and my oldest Daughter, from Germany, will be here over Labor Day, too. Business conference in CT, so Granddaughter will stay here with us. Yayyyyyy

        Kiddies and I have been experimenting with new Emojis, some easier than others to copy and paste pieces, others, not quite so easy, but with a 60″ dry erase board that doubles as a TV, it’s a lot of fun.
        (͡• 🔥 ͜ʖ 🔥 ͡•)


      1. 🙂 Awww, thanks SG. I was traveling before and didn’t have much internet access. Now I’m back so I’m up and alive again on WordPress. I’ve missed it.
        Ohhhhhhh, that’s so tough. You were missing your brother. So sorry to hear that he’s no longer around. It’s great that you can used writing as therapy. It’s great therapy.
        Have a great week.
        🙂 ❤

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    1. Yes that is the heart of this piece Ease. I’ve been missing my brother so much it hurts. The late night talks- like you said just chillin. Thank you for getting it. I’m so sorry about your dad. One thing for sure is that he’s grinning from ear to ear at the marvel of his incredible son. Thank you for being here.

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      1. Thank you Souldiergirl. I appreciate that. I am sorry for the loss of your brother as well. We are both fortunate to have had people in our lives that left such wonderful impacts on us.

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      2. You are so right. My brother was amazing. he is part of the reason I connect with you so much. He went through a lot and he was in a bad way for a long time but he overcame it and my sister and I were there when he graduated from teen challenge and gave his testimony in front of everyone and when he passed away he had been clean from heroin for over 12 years and he had totally turned his life around. ❤️❤️love you J ( my bro) shout up for your dad too.

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      3. Wow. That’s wonderful. To gain his freedom from active addiction and maintain it. I am truly sorry to hear of your loss. I’m sure he was a great guy. Thanks for the shout out to my dad. May the both continue to rest in peace knowing that we are alright. 🙏😭

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  2. Hi I’ve nominated you for an award cos your blog is awesome😜

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  3. This is so amazing, My Sisterheart. Made me think of all the people I can’t simply sit and talk with. Some that live too far and some that are no longer here.

    You are so amazing Poetess! Love and respect, Sweet Lady

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  4. This one has a soulful flavor that, considering stuff that’s been happening recently with me, hit me in the feels. Kudos on this, as always! I’ll be sure to stop back in once I’m back on WP regularly.

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  5. Oh wow this is beautiful! I’m catching up today on your post! I love that quote about silence! I wish I could do that too sit and talk with those we grow to love their words, souls and hearts! I love that ! I can imagine we would have some laughs, cries and stories to share! Lots of hugs and holding hands like friends do! Nothing like the love of a good gab session! ❤ This is so beautiful just like you!

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    1. Yes- that is exactly what I was longing for in that night. You are so so sweet Michelle. I honestly feel happier when I see that lovely and gorgeous face is visiting me :)) yay!


      1. AWE wow that is so sweet of you to say! I love all that you write and design! Your page is like a quiet spirit of grace! I love that don’t you? It always feels so nice when we can rest in grace and peace! Yesterday I had this huge ah-ha moment and things seem to be coming together and I’m so thankful. I pray the same for you! Mostly that all of us would know how awesomely beautiful inside and out and that lovely is the dwelling place of the spirit of love peace and wholeness. 🙂
        Don’t know where that came from but I am answering this during my prayer quiet time so it could be divinely inspired or from my heart to yours. One who knows! ❤ Be Blessed in all you do and I pray for favor for you! ❤


      1. I think I missed the last past after lisha.. Because the email came back. Would it be ok if you gave it to me one more time? I’ve been trying to find the original comment with your email but I’m on the app and I can’t locate it. Sunday love to you my friend!

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