The dark of night 

What can I do…
What can I do in this

 …unnerving stillness

The darkness settles over me

Like a mask I hide my face inside it

To howl and weep! 

And I’m not sure where heaven is

Or if they’ve gotten wind of this

The sensitive prick …of a beautiful flower

The prolonged passing …of another hour 

Daylight comes and stings my eyes

Shinning a proof

…I have made it through 

What else can I do? 

 Craddling each breath 

Until the night I receive my gift 

And wake up with you


72 thoughts on “The dark of night 

  1. Darkness obscures the view of heaven, for sure. Then in a moment the darkness wasn’t expecting, a runner reaches you… sneaks past the darkness and the mask… delivers a note… reminds you of the secret passage in your own heart…

    (That was the only other thing I could think of to do… though cradling each breath is perfect! 🙂 )


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    1. Omgoodness I love this Michael! A runner sneaks through to deliver me a note- a note of hope and light! You are an amazing light and spirit. Thank you so much for your words and your visit. You truly lift me up!

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  2. It brings tears to my eyes, sweetheart. Bless you for making something so beautiful out of such deep suffering. That is the mark of a soldier who will quickly rise in the ranks to lead others.

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    1. Oh Pam you are so kind to me. Your words just shoot right to my soul and impact it in a tender yet powerfully beautiful way- thank you! Yes you understood this piece- wishes and dreams of being with my daughter again. But I will hold tight- the Lord still has plans for me here. So much love and hugs to you sister.


      1. I never lost a child to death but there are other ways to lose a child. I was inconsolable, at one point in my life. Like Rachel weeping for her children and that is the promise I hold onto for myself…God promised to bring them home from the land of enemy when her children were passed…I’m not able to rationalize it but I hold onto it…I’ll hold onto that promise for you too. I know your baby girl is safe and I believe that someday, you’ll be reunited again.

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      2. Wow- you give me chills. The night we lost our daughter was horrific and we were by her side in the hospital room screaming in shock. Later my mom told me that she never heard weeping like that before and it gave her the image of Rachel weeping for her children. You are the only other person who has used that reference. It strikes a cord to my soul. I believe your children will come home Pam. I will stand in belief with you. I am not sure what your situation is but I want to share with you that I have seen and closely experienced sons and daughters leaving and cutting all contact with their parents and getting lost to the world of lies and drugs and disguise. Years and years but the son did return home. Keep holding on Pam- your spirit is such a blessing❤️

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      3. You too. I’ve learned to live with my situation, for the most part:0)I am a tough old bird. I can’t imagine what you’ve been through or what your going though, exactly but I care that you hurt. I don’t know why we have to go through those things in life that leave us forever,changed but we all go through them. None of us are alone in our suffering even, when it feels like it. Get some good rest, tomorrow is Monday,

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      4. Yes we are not alone- I have found so much real comfort here than anywhere else before. Real unique and treasured souls like you Pam. Hope your day is going very well. ❤️


      5. It is going well considering it is a Monday.:0)I’m glad you find something in me to treasure, it brightens my day when you say so… A lot of my healing took place when I expressed my pain and found validation I the experiences of others. I tried to bury it alive and I couldn’t heal. I thought the things that happened to me were too terrible to talk about but I found out that there is no suffering that isn’t common to everyone. We need each other and I need you as much as you need me.:0)


  3. Stunning, so many fantastic lines, so much raw emotion. The following verses really got to me,

    “And I’m not sure where heaven is
    Or if they’ve gotten wind of this
    The sensitive prick …of a beautiful flower”

    Written from the heart, I love your poetic voice, and the feelings that you’re able to capture!

    Warm wishes and great admiration,
    Pepperanne ♥


  4. What darkness could contain your blazing fiery Aura, SisterHeart. The night never stood a chance to defeat you…and I’m sure that Heaven hasn’t forgotten it’s Warrior Angel here with the rest of us. Love and Respect, Beautiful Poetess. ♡


  5. “The sensitive prick …of a beautiful flower
    The prolonged passing …of another hour
    Daylight comes and stings my eyes
    Shinning a proof”…

    I could felt the despair and that relentless time
    Great poetic way of getting into and developing psychological states
    Very well written!

    Thanks for sharing this poem. Àll my best wishes. Aquileana ⭐

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  6. Hello! I wanted to visit your blog today and see what is here and I wanted to comment and share how much I love your me and my photography! I think my personal favorite is the traintracks with the cute little guy and also the little ones feet. I love them all of course but those got me. I miss that stage a lot with my daughter moving out and getting married. I love your photos and also this poem is wonderful and stunning. Hopefully I will get more time to read your writing I love your style! 😀 Have a lovely day! MichelleMarie ❤

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    1. Hi Michelle! I am so happy you came to visit me here- thank you for your time, for your words and your happiness I can feel through your words! The little guy is my son and the feet are my daughters who is an angel now❤️. Thank you, more than I can express, for being here and being so positive and exciting- you’ve made me feel so loved :)) 💖


  7. Oh Dear One, from one who has experienced the loss of a child, your words “prick” deeply down within me where that pain is held. My God! The way you can express yourself, just makes me weep for you and for the pain you now live with. Know you are SO Loved by me, and that whenever you need a shoulder, I am here for you. BIG (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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    1. Amy you are sacred to me. You have been a consistent support and friend who has not gone away. To hear and read that I am loved by you brings a flood of tears to my eyes. I feel your spirit and I am squeezing her in gratitude and love.

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      1. I, in turn, feel you. I do Love you, my friend. It humbles me that you are able to feel my sincerity. Bless you for being so open. Not all are. When the time is right, then the opening comes. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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  8. Not yet sis, not yet! You’ve much to do here ❤ your incredible spirit and courage will help others to find their way when lost to the darkness, the same darkness that we once dwelled in and continue to fight. I love you honey, missed you…sorry I've been away sick :-/ but am on the mend. sending a HUGE hug xx Paris

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    1. Oh thank you so much sis. I know- just sometimes the missing gets the best of me. It can start to take over. Thank you for being here and encouraging me. No apologies needed :)) so sorry you’ve been sick- hugs and healing for you my beauty. Love you so much.

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