I am talking about fire

And the fire is me

Yearning to be

A flame wrapped around a naked heart and fiending soul

An inescapable thought 

A tethered girl 

To an eager Palm

The swagger of a sweating sword 

Raging a war 

To get to me

I will not apologize 

For craving to be desired  

Wanted like there is no seconds

To pause this 

Habit of attraction

Did fairy tales come from real stories

Or desperate wishes on frantic stars

Dropping pictures onto lusting pages

All I know

Is the palpitations in my heart

Rush then halt!

Now enters…the other part

The beings flame is dimming 

Come rush and fly to me

To consume real love 

We must be



77 thoughts on “Fire 

  1. Such passion! I totally identify with this – ” To consume real love, we must be burning” ❤
    Poe and Bukowski are real favorite of mine too…I want to be able to like this multiple times – it's stunning.

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    1. Aww! Thank you so so much. You are so kind. Yes they are favorites of mind too. Their words of power and wisdom are endless. Thank you thank you thank you!! My multiple ️thank you’s :))

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  2. And it’s that same fire you speak about that I feel warming my cheeks when I read your words! Passion’s flame burns deeply in your soul, Brave Warrior. “I will not apologize for craving to be desired…” Nor should you ever feel that were necessary. We all want to be wanted…its a primal, human quality. Revel in being Human, Beautiful Soul. All my love and respect ❤

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    1. You speak such amazing words to me- thank you. I guess is partly embarrassing admitting I want to be craved, sense that would insinuate I am not of the luxury in feeling that way- excuse the language but, fuck it- right?! If I am not honest in my poetry then I am not being true to myself- it may not always be easy to speak of, but it is me nonetheless. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement and excitement to me! It makes more of a difference than I can explain.

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      1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwh 😭😭💜
        You always get me so mushy inside.
        I have to meet you one day.
        You know the deepest parts of my soul

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      2. I would love to meet and embrace you! Yes I remember your words and I hold such a deep admiration for your courage. I am so happy you are here beautiful ❤️💜❤️💜


    1. What is your new wp site? When I click the one that comes up under your name (the crippledbypain) it says “this site no longer exists” tell me where to follow you so I can!


  3. Oh gosh me either I will not apologize for wanting to be desired…I won’t. Gosh one day I hope to be able to share so beautiful as you have here! That’s me being real about how I wish I could! ❤ I love this

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    1. It was hard to write that out but then I felt empowered and felt- hey this is my soul on fire and I am going to write about it! :)) thank you for being here and being real. Your art and words are stunning Michelle. I admire you and feel honored with all of your compliments.


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