Write about IT


Write about the gut wrenching pain

That seeps from stomach to heart
Stain the page 

With the noises causing my brain hurt 

Spinning my mind like a ferris wheel 

And I choose not to look down 

Without a view to admire

Just that terrible circus music

And a scary clown waving his hands 

I stay on…

Falling asleep to wake back up 

And running a marathon in between 

The life that got me here and the one 

I am striving toward 

Write about the sharpest broken heart 

I have ever felt

A heart shared beautifully into another’s reach

A heart now expanding through trauma and grief

Write about how to get through each second

Do whatever you have to do but promise to make it

It will get better

Because our miraculous beings have an amazing capibility to consistently grow stronger 

Become like a child, with a resilient behavior 

Write about all of it

The death-the shock-the sickness

The love-the beauty-the moments that stale from quickness

And how you overcame it 

Write it out and do not forget 

It may seem terrifying now 

Or glorious now

When it changes, and it will

Look back on how you made it

To get to paradise

From the guts of laughter

To stain the paper

That is how we will do it 

~for our future generations, we must share how we made it from yesterday, to a better place. -Souldiergirl 

70 thoughts on “Write about IT

      1. Oh no, it happened again. I am so sorry. But believe me, I did not mix up the persons, just unconentrated with the name. I clearly remember that I had your pic in mind while reading and commenting. So sorry, about that. Big, big hug and much love to you, dear Souldier Sis!!! πŸ’– πŸ’– πŸ’–

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  1. An absolute truth, beautifully put. It is beyond painful at times, to write what I’ve been through, I can only hope it might help at least one person who may wind up walking the same paths. I know I often gain solace from the words of others, who’ve found the perfect translation from emotion to ink. Another beautiful piece SG ❀

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    1. I love that- from emotion to ink. I find solace from others words too, so much and from music a great deal- the good stuff of course ;)) I know what you mean, sometimes I am crying as I write- but it’s the only way I know :)) thank you so much for being here Karin❀️


  2. Here’s to our tomorrows of better places as we let go .. I Have written many an Angel letter to burn as I got rid of emotions that needed to be expressed..
    Wonderful Poem..
    Blessings for a beautiful Future..
    Hugs Sue x


  3. I think there is no better self therapy than writing and then receiving the love and support of others from it


    1. Thank you so much! Means so much to me when you visit and share. I see my daughters joy radiating and I remember when I had her joy- of course I was a small child myself but I yearn for that childlike belief and joy again.

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  4. YES!!!! This is why and how and when and where and the REASON we do what we do. A pressure valve for the soul. A remarkable bleeding of words that teaches and helps and forces pain out into the light where it may still hurt us but we can see where it comes from and how to settle our debts with life.

    Amazing as always, Beautiful Poetess!

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    1. I love it “a pressure valve for the soul” whaaat!! Eric you’re a genius. A true poets soul. Thank you so so much for your words to me. I appreciate you- a lot. And I am honored when you call me a poetess β˜ΊοΈπŸ’– (that’s me smiling ;)) ).

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      1. Thank you for your kind words, as well. Poetess is only one of many deserving titles that you absolutely should have. I’m glad I could give you a β˜ΊπŸ’–. Take care, SG, much love and respect. β™‘

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      1. Are you a girl with a soul of a soldier of peace? I’m sorry but I want that you smile twice. Experts says that when we smile a lot of muscles are in movement. I truly think that your composition of the eye is on same level that some works. You can check it yourself if you browse for example the section about the topic ‘Letters, diaries and manuscripts”. In any case you caused the appearing of copper colour’s star on my blog. That makes me so excited. Thanks! ❀

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      2. Oh you are so kind! Thank you for sharing that with me. I try for peace in all things as much as I can- not everyone else wants peace so often I just have to focus on pouring it upon myself. You bring me many smiles and I appreciate you so very much!


  5. You’ve used amazing with me once or twice and well, you know. But know this. You Are. You write with such great passion and when you post a poem you also decorate it with visuals that make it all just explode.
    Your fan

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