when you’re standing in deep water

What a raw and fabulous piece. Had to shaređź’–

Tell Me About It

Art by MichelleMarie Art by MichelleMarie

when you’re standing in deep water
bailing yourself out with a straw
when you’re drowning in deep water
you wake up making love to the wall

when you realize your standard of living
somehow got stuck on survive
It’s nothing without LOVE
LOVE yourself

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9 thoughts on “when you’re standing in deep water

  1. Today was the perfect day for me to read this. Some days I am sad because people who I dearly love and who love me have no clue about how to be or treat a human being.
    What better ready to love myself into with my flowers and write.

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    1. Yes when I came across this it was the perfect time for me too. Many times I feel the only solace I can get is with my writings and others here, like you, who just get it- you know? Thanks so much for visiting.

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