Penniless Joy 


A distracted world
lay on its back 
Tickled by a materialistic god
…and I am empty inside
 Hoisting up a fading smile                                        I shop to own the priceless
True wealth rumored to be free 
I have been working tirelessly
…Is this what my life is to be?
Decaying for another mans goal
Spending all my time                           …in the rearview of our front porch 

The hours tick by
Like a slow melting ice
…begging for sun
I am frozen in this cubicle 
Away from my loves 
To give them a life
But what about playing on an impulse?
And rising beyond looming icicles 
…That I could die hung over this keyboard                                                
Still dreaming of a life with you
Grieving the seconds I never said your name! 

I should rise up, and be my own sun!  Unthaw a buried intuition                      Take your hand to sketch my change       An invaluable recognition…                        Dying for joy,                                        and daring to live the stories                         That make up the glorious lines            …in the earths face 



62 thoughts on “Penniless Joy 

  1. God is in us all what will call spirit. i was listening to run of the mill from all things must pass by george harrison. thought of you ellen , everyone can decide whether to give or live or smile. noone can carry that blame for you. you can love today and then tomorrow throw it all away it is you who decides! wow. nicely conched george! who are you really ellen?>

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    1. I love George. Yes we each must walk out own journey. I’m just sharing mine and it often involves others- can’t always walk away- just can’t. Therein lies the frustration.


      1. frustration is feeling you could be a good friend but too much shit in your life to get past hey nice post john! pffffffffffft. lmao


  2. When I was young, I was filled with all kinds of dreams & intuitions. Reasons to live are different than that when we are older.
    List of wish are getting shorter, yes, but if there is, then it is merely more for my children.

    I love this poem of yours! Beautiful! 🙂

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    1. Yes that is very true- that’s what I took from that quote, really what I desire now is moments with my babies and my feet on the sand- what can’t be bought but so deeply experienced. Thank you so much Sherrie :))

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  3. Oh my Heart’s Shadow. I swear we’re built from the same forge. This poem echoes so much of my lament for time beyond the wageslave life. For just the simple things to be enough to sustain live without the burden of “who will pay”.

    Marvelous, wonderful, beautiful way to say, “I want out of this cage”

    Another masterpiece, SG.

    All my best,


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      1. The Prophet, the beloved- I also have a small book of his love quotes with beautiful artwork that I have near my bed but can’t remember the name. “The treasured writings of Kahlil Gibran” is a beautiful place to start and one of my favorites to get lost in :))

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