I have been through unsightly storms and flung by your wild sea
I longed to, just for a time…
Remain dry 
But this, my friends, is an uncontrollable life 
The water is not ready …to stop rushing
So I say, “I am done running!”
I cannot place my palm to the wind 

…redirecting it 

Nor my body to the ocean

And pretend…not to be absorbed by it 

You hold my feet down so I may withstand it! 

You flood my graffiti heart

so I may be born again 

A reformed spirit

Your blood makes me permanent!

If I yell at the rain and with a heated temper question it
My tree will only wither …in stubborn ignorance 

Choosing love instead, 

I bathe in your rawness!

I bury my will into the unknown

Graciously taming my patience. 



69 thoughts on “Patience 

      1. you too my beauty xx sending you Manic Monday hugs. Had my pre-k beautiful graduation and cried my eyes out. I hate goodbyes and watching all the children in my class leave but such is life and the circle continues. Plus had a crazy Sat. night and here we go again, wide eyed and full of romance. lol

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      2. Cheers to summer. Sat down for a glass of wine! I teach pre-k. Yes, I love those kids and they like to shout out my name and hug me when they see me! they see my car and start shouting. Oh, enjoy her and the summer. Here’s to long night and long days of lazy summer. lol

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  1. Very nicely written 🙂 Once a storm is upon us, the fastest way to get through the storm is to turn and walk into it … although I might not place my faith where you do, I can certainly appreciate the kind of faithful surrender your words describe here.

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    1. It’s so hard to get through it sometimes- my first instinct is to run and avoid- which I have spent a lot of time doing, only to realize it is still there, waiting for me to deal with it ;)) thank you- you are a wise soul. I really appreciate your words.


  2. Your Soul writes so elegantly on this page. I am constantly drawn to the Sea to use in my poems…such a powerful force, ignoring all the will we can muster in a feeble attempt to tame it, or redirect it as you put it, beautifully. Wonderful heartfelt and amazing….like you. ♡

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