BestiE Creations deux! 

If any of you are on pintrest, please share your inspirations and follow me @Souldiergirl❤️ :)) 

More creations from my talented love!! The pictures are taken by her or I- I want to give her loads of applause!! And kisses too!!


80 thoughts on “BestiE Creations deux! 

      1. Oh! Yeah I haven’t got on Instagram yet but pintrest is awesome because it’s just finding other people’s ideas and art and quotes- it’s inspiring and endless.


      1. Thank you, Souldiergirl! I’m not very adept at social media, just figuring it all out but I find Pinterest a treasure trove of artwork and images. Love your collection and very happy to make the connection! 🙂

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  1. These are all marvelous, so special. The photos alone are lovely, but with your words, it makes them very inspirational. I especially like the first image, it’s a very powerful! Please enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Always wishing you the very best,

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  2. I regret that I don’t have any pictures to share. But I wanted to say, that I did recently look through your photographs here and you are as wonderful a photographer as you are a writer. So talented in so many forms of art. ♡

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