Oh my Ballerina!


Your beauty stretches

Wrapping around His earth
The smoke billows strong

Burying  your worth

Your needs drown into silence

When whistles hum louder than words.

Natures strength emerges from,

Her hiding place under the wind…

Lifting you up!

To dance and sing once again

Oh my ballerina!

You are the light between my grief 



52 thoughts on “Oh my Ballerina!

  1. is it okay if i stalk you? love this piece, it took me to a place and time when my daughter took ballet lessons and when i was a teenager and was obsessed with ballet jazz. how the mind works….have a great day gorgeous. x

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      1. You are most welcome, Milady.
        I enjoy reading and sharing your postings with others who will hopefully appreciate them also.
        Wishing you a wonderful day and rest of week filled with happiness, joy, and smiles.
        And a big hug from PeterPan and Clan hiding away in Neverland country hideout in boonies of TN..
        ❤ (๑̀ ͜ʖ๑́) <3.

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      2. I feel like PP somedays with all these Kiddies running around and even more when others come to visit. Being mute is only a handicap if you don’t learn to adapt and conquer. I use dry erase boards, make faces and keep it all light. Helps having a Nephew who can read my writing and pass on anything important or funny. We love it here, can’t think of any other place except NM where we would be half as happy. So we stay and savor all the country quiet and privacy, indeed.
        we’re a Clan of Huggers and Pranksters, must be in DNA and pass it on to inlaws, too. At first, it took a bit for strangers to understand our Mini UN group, but once they figured out we belong together and it’s all or nothing, they accepted us as part of the community. At first they thought we were just tourists, now they’re glad we’re here, especially at the grocery stores, clothing store, toy store, Chinese restaurant and movie theatre.
        I can see their minds ringing the register when we pass through the grocery store))))))))))))))))))
        When the rest of Clan invades for Christmas, traffic on our road doubles and triples. ));<))

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      3. You are a wonderful spirit George! Your words bring life and wonderful images of family. Thank you for sharing with me and bringing me smiles. You are a strong brave man and I am grateful our paths have crossed.


      1. not really. i am john. but the spirit reminded me one dead or gone ex mate or spouse, one deceased child. what do you expect? she s close, closed but not as much as some you have encountered.

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