What’s Happening I Want to Know

Hit me hard-


I do just want to cry tonight,

I know I’ve held on for a long, long time,

I didn’t even know sometimes,

well, I suppose, maybe, somewhere,

oh yes I did, I know I did, I will admit to you,

yet, don’t reveal that to anyone else,

just please,

just you and me,

the sort of thing,

that way back when I could understand,

by looking in your eyes.

I do remember a smile,

eyes that I dove so far inside of,

that nothing else really mattered,

beyond just that night,

that when the surreal fire of that moment,

began to settle,

and we could feel the frost on our windows,

the night air,

the reality,

well just then,

I could still just cry,

that was okay, because you would let me,

I could cry for you, and when I heard you laugh,

it wasn’t to mock me,

it was…

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