Swollen sensitive heart 

Wishing and longing 

For a gentle adoration 

All the nervous places 

Blistered and bitten 

Weep against the rain

Blending upon a camoflaughed face

Where one finds a collapsed smile 

And eyes lined 

with crusted prayers. 


65 thoughts on “Adrift 

  1. This is so lonely and beautiful. Sounds like one of the ones you write before you go under the waves and I sit on the rocks and listen to the wind and the waves and wait for you to surface. And in that brief time that you’re part of this mortal realm, count myself lucky to know you and I’ll leave your armor and your shield on the beach, in the sand…should you want to follow me back to camp.

    Goodnight, SisterHeart. 💜 All my love and respect.

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