Inside a Soul Like Mine~


Peeks of reality
Shine through the dreamer in me
Like when the truth is hard to see
Oh how it blinds me!
Like a crystal                                     
and your love the window                  Can’t you feel the heat beating through?                                     Colors cascade in an unforgiving radiance                                    …through time and space                   Stand beside me                              We can paint Gods face                  The planks of ivory                          The worlds open race                         In my mind I am wading in the river. Feet embedded in the pebbles.          It is slow and it is futile                    For the snap of the fingers         

Brings me back to that room       Where time spins a never ending tune No sooner do the ants die             Then they are reborn                             I am running with my paintbrush  …Even though my dress is torn           I will find a way to get through this!      Heaven waits                                    As David sounds his horn 

65 thoughts on “Inside a Soul Like Mine~

      1. Lol, I judge the poetry, I believe the words you write so that means they are perfect. :)) I like your poetry and I enjoy reading your poems. You can always have my ears and my heart for your poems and your soul. Anytime

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      2. That means more to me than I can say. It is an expression I would like to save as a matter of fact. :)) I will keep sharing my honesty and I am honored to know your heart and ears will be there ❤️❤️

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  1. You really are a damn good writer,
    “heaven waits as Davis sounds his horn” that was in my Little humble opinion a perfect ending to the whole beautiful and have to say touching poem.
    Have you ever published? Don´t have to answer, just curious since I have been reading you for quite some time and the little I know about poetry well I think reading you is one of the best of reads, not to dimish the others but you are as I said before damn good.
    Love ya


    1. Wow, thank you so much. You have been so deeply kind to me and really I am in awe- was thinking of printing out the pieces you wrote from the photo just to be able to really read them and physically have them- you are an amazing writer and I really appreciate your words to me- thank you.

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      1. My stuff always looks better written on a wall in crayon but if ink and paper are more convenient, well, go on then. 😀 And also, I never give false praise; it’s unhelpful. I honestly think you should consider finding a good publisher. You’re really gifted.

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      2. Wow that means a lot to me. I am not even sure how to begin that process but I do feel like maybe it’s time- it has been a dream of mine since I started writing in the fourth grade- yeah loooong ago….in a galaxy far away ;))
        I love what you said about crayon on the wall- I wrote a piece about writing with lipstick on a mirror or scribbling with sticks in the sand and so on- reminds me of that piece. Thank you for your time and encouragement. It really means so much.

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