Comfort for Angels

For the mothers who have lost a child 

For the child who has lost a mother 

When the phrase “Happy Mother’s Day”

Is uttered…

There comes a choke of pain

Behind the smiling,  

“Thank you” 

And hallmark can speak for those who live with us 

As I cry with those 

Who live without 
This is my angel-miss you baby 

87 thoughts on “Comfort for Angels

    1. Your comment made me cry- I love that vision- hold hands across the sky- yes, absolutely. It is not possible to journey through this pain without others to hold us up along the way- love and thanks to you Annie, very much. 💖

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      1. Hello there! I’ve missed being online. Girlfriend I am so busy looking for a place to relocate out of state. Moving further south. I am going to read a bit today, and hopefully post something. 🙂


    1. I am so sorry, I know this heart wrenching.
      My daughter~Isabelle
      She was seven months old
      When the universe took her away
      …They also plunged my heart
      Into a spirit, that would never be the same.
      I am so sorry you share this nightmare. I still have nights when I wake up shaking and terrified.


      1. Thank you for not leaving her. My (ex) husband was not the man you are.
        I have recently started EMDR and it has been very hard but at the same time the first resemblance of healing I have had in seven years.
        You both are close to my heart.


      2. the night
        our baby died
        I dreamt I left my wife
        a wave of freedom
        euphoria washed over me
        I awoke beside my wife
        on her darkest night
        and felt so guilty
        I promised myself
        to be there for her
        shifting thoughts
        M or W
        turning around one letter
        changing my focus
        from ME to WE

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      3. Wow- that is extremely profound and beautiful.
        I have wished to escape myself many many times.
        The M turned to a W.
        The depth of that brings tears to my heart. Thank you so much for sharing that with me.


      4. today would have been
        Gregory’s ninth birthday
        back in 2006
        the next day was Mother’s Day
        right now
        my wife is lying in bed
        I’m still here
        for her, for him

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      5. Oh I am so sorry.
        Those days- the aching increases
        The levels of emptiness become so strong.
        Those days are so hard- the anniversaries, the holidays.
        Thank you for being there
        For your wife and for Gregory.
        I am so sorry Geo.


  1. I’ve been without my mother for eight years now… still hurts every Mother’s Day… beautiful angel!


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