To Be a Woman

Powerful and deep

Wuji Seshat


What’s it like to be a woman?
To know the joys of Motherhood
To serve as if it was your duty
A man, a family, a community

Not getting paid for it
What’s it like to feel a woman?
To feel a vacancy between the legs
Under the skirt, a summer breeze

And eyes on me, like the feast of gulls?
What’s it like to be a woman?
To have closer social bonds
To never truly be alone, how

Does that feel? To have protective
Fathers, and possessive boyfriends?
What’s it like to be a woman?
I will never know, to feel the dresses

Caress you, as you blithely change
From mauve, to peach, to blue.
How does it feel to have skin
Like olive oil, and wear perfume

What’s it like to seduce a man
With just a pouty look, what’s it like
To have to earn your place…

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7 thoughts on “To Be a Woman

  1. no i do not. and as such it is not in my power to comprehend all the things that bend your mind and your heart from any man now. your kids you tend to and hope to see soar away from the nest free as you indeed should be now and forever more!

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      1. good . i am not you. i have been a witness to mental fallouts all my life. so anyway being creative is a godsend cos then you can spread your words to the wind and realise i do have it better than some. but, like a runon thought or sentence i still need validation and indeed someone to talk to. nuff said. my name is still john

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