I am pure
Half goddesss half rebel
Systematic allure
Hippy roots
From tear drenched boots
Stomping all over this
Tattered soul
Chained down to mind control
Oh call me a little victim!
Oh your little sinner!
No! No! No!
I am pure
Heart of a beast
I am a fighter
Escaped through a slit of light
While slumming in the shadows
Tired of bullshit
Oh how we recognize it!
Her and I 
I am not alone
We call eachother out
As they bring us down
Her hands my measuring stick
…the trees we have become
Plucked from the tumbleweeds                                                                                                                 
of love

She graciously reminds me,
I am free!
Born again
Naked liberation
Running into the ocean
I am pure
I am grown
I am wild
I am that burning whisper                                                                                                                                                Glowing through fire                                                                                                                            I am a slice of your sum                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The determination of one                                                                                                                                                        …Of ONE…


53 thoughts on “SomeONE..

  1. Honey, honestly your writing is just so powerful! I am not even blogging right now, yet, my Heart guided me to come here and I am ever so glad I followed my Heart. YOU came to Mind just this day and then you appear on Petals, much to my “surprise”. The connection of ONE when embraced, IS absolute. Hope your world is treating you well. Know you are Loved by me, my friend. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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    1. Thank you Amy! This is like a huge hug. You’ve made my week! I was walking home the other day and on my path were these stunning pink flowers- something said that I needed to send them to you, so I took some pictures then I couldn’t find the right thread where you left your email and the day ran away into night. I would love to have it again:)) thank you for sending me much needed love and hugs and your warmth as only you can. You are so loved too beautiful creature. 🌹❤️

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      1. What a lovely thing to do for me. I would Love to see those flowers. I will tell you how to find my email anytime you want to. Go to your administrators page, find comments, and if you don’t see me in your list of comments, (which you should), in the search box put in Lady PinkRose then hit search. My comments will pop up and there you will see my WP addy and my email addy. That way you can find me anytime you wish. I really Hope you are well both in Mind and Body! You sound strong! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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      2. Thank you Amy! I will absolutely do this. You are so kind always- despite how busy you are you have the ability to reach a soul directly through the chaos. Your photographs are absolutely magical- much like you my lovely rose🌹❤️

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  2. Wonderfully-written!
    Love the strength of your spirit!
    I love the passion, and the emotion of your work!
    Thank you very much for sharing!
    Always a pleasure to read!

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