Feathers from Fear


You take me…                                       to new heights

You raise me…                                    to tree tops                                 Gazing at … moon drops 
Naming the stars for me 
Calling me…serenity
But soon… do I realize
This necklace is a collar
This collar is your fingers 
Muzzling me to death
Stifling every breath 
I shared my heart with you!
I unlocked my voice                        …and all I went through
Yet you behave just like the rest…
Holding me out from safety 
Teasing to drop me
Freely…into nothing 
Then- pulling me in and asking…
“How are you feeling?”
I shudder to a revealed illusion 
You should wear your                     God granted honor,                          like you wear a suit and tie
….Ironed and tight-                        with head held high 
Do not speak the word “love”
As you simultaneously squish           …my being like a bug
A pest under your foot
You think I will go along with that?
I will rise up!
And have my own back
I fly down this tree
Like a swift kitty cat
Keep your plastic alibis 
Keep my tears that lived in me       and…died in your hands
Keep it all!
I am gone 
Faster…                                                      than you can stand.

43 thoughts on “Feathers from Fear

  1. “This necklace is a collar.” Great imagery. I could feel the tightening around your neck as I read it. I love the wisdom of Rumi. Another brilliant poem! Happy Sunday!

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      1. I’m doin pretty good- each day is like- hmmm- how will I be today?? You know. Thank you for the awesome compliment. I’m so glad you’re visiting. ๐Ÿ’–


  2. โ€œFeathers from Fearโ€ is written with a very powerful voice, quite emotional and well penned. Excellent! You have outstanding taste in artwork, which is apparent by the pieces that you have selected to use throughout your blog. The quote here by Rumi, is perfect. A lovely presentation! Please take good care!

    Warm wishes,

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