Starting Now!


Love yourself 
Breathe in the fresh air 
You are beautiful!
Follow your instincts
Put your hair however you want 
Stare at the sky
You are breathtaking!
Do not trust a lie
Shoulders back
You are amazing!
Be brave 
Be daring 
Grab your sisters hand 
You are not alone!
Do not be down 
You are an authentic genius!
Only one blueprint
Change your shape
Move free
Do not accept anything less
Than the feel fabulous type of love 
Declare your victory
Do not fear 
Fly and conquer
Love yourself 
Be proud 
…Of you!

79 thoughts on “Starting Now!

  1. After Reading this, I do love myselsf…….I do have a baby sister,quite sinister,funny thing about it before when I younger much younger!! I was the one scaring the s…t out of her “boyfriends”, and now she is the one taking care of me in a sense, go figure how life goes.

    By the way as always powerful and beautiful wrtting

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    1. I like that she’s lookin out for her bro. My brother was the same way- now that he’s gone us girls gotta hold the guns when the boys come around. Your sis sounds pretty cool.
      Thank you Charly, I truly appreciate that.


  2. I read this great poetry this morning, before an important job interview. It gave me all the courage and the state of mind I needed. Thank you for all !

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      1. Before reading your words, I was paralyzed. After 3 readings at full voice, I felt lighter, and strong. It’s not only a step back, it’s also becoming confident.
        Yes, the interview went very well !
        This kind of words are not so easy to find, so Iet me keep them, for the next time.

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      2. Yes please keep them and say them as often as you need! I needed them too and it’s ironic I also had a job interview :)) may this be a new beginning of strength and peace for both of us Ada. Yay for your strength and bravery! Smile Ada- you did it and you’re amazing ❤️❤️

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  3. Oh wow I love this so much! Somehow I’ve gotten lost in your blog so I’m just staying here soaking up the sister love! I’m grabbing on to a sister’s hand for sure. I reblogged this so I can read it again and again! It’s so wonderful! ❤ Big hugs and love to you!

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