Split Decisions 


Deep down…waits a soldier
When the spirits color is          …darkened by clutter 
There is a whisper of a warrior
Inevitably followed,however,          …by the curdling call of the taker 
The pull from the straps of ankle biters
The devilish temptation to give in
And let the battle win
Two choices heaving…”child decide!”
He chose…to kill himself
So I could live
I will fight our demons 
I will not quit!
He will be my hero
Leading…                                           From afterlives abyss 

55 thoughts on “Split Decisions 

      1. I thought you’d like them as soon as I came across them.
        I had found simple ones on keyboard
        }iii{ }x{ just weren’t so pretty, so as I was teaching kiddies to make faces and things from keyboard, we found these beauties;
        (^◡^ ) 💨 ♥

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      2. TY, I will share as I go along. We’re getting used to the new addition to our Clan as he is adapting to having this crowd so close all the time. It’ll take a little while, I expect once the newness wears off, we’ll be all just fine.
        👍 (◓ ^ ͜ʖ ^ ◓) 👍


    1. Hi beautiful! I’ve missed you-love the new changes you’ve made to your blog. –I’m hangin in-you know it goes up and down. Waiting for it to go back up 😉. Thank you for visiting lovely 😊😘

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      1. That’s why I called you my #1!😘 glad it helped you feel better, I was afraid you were maybe upset about it? I’m going through a paranoid phase!! 😜

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      2. Oh I go through many of those! I’m so glad you said something. I’m the exact opposite of upset :))
        I will respond as soon as i can- im in the middle of trying to find a job and it’s not been fun. Did you move to Port A?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. No, I’m moving to an apartment in two weeks, still looking for work, will be in ft worth for the summer, working for my brother hopefully and working on getting my virtual assistant business off the ground,, by next January I hope to be there and basically working from home, traveling, blogging, etc!

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