Guess I need to get a grip
Guess I need to be harder
Tough like a rock
No storm shall wither 
Straighten up and fly right
Little sister

…All these lies I told myself 
Under the wool of a petticoat
With lace up boots 
and a velvet bow
But the material scratched…
right into my sensitive soul
Revealing the innocence of a naked girl
…With no excuses left for truth
Smiles skip by, unhinged in twos
I don’t need a reminder of 
how deep I miss you…
I watch my feet move 
Attached to another body
I can not feel my heart 
It floats in a transparent jar         
Titled “random art”
The school year has started 
The children dissect it
Unable to revive her                         …they retire exhausted
Make me a project
Alone on a park bench
The coat has blown away 
All that is left
….just me…


35 thoughts on “Moths 

    1. Thank you- I thought so too. No, I didn’t- I’m not sure who the artist is, I found it on pintrest. I definitely wish I was able to draw something so gorgeous but my talent is definitely not in that area ;))

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  1. Reblogged this on bdlheart and commented:
    I love the raw poems on Souldier girl’s blog. This one felt particularly familiar. “She shed her skin. She bled the pages of her day.” It reminds me of the cathartic moment when you write a bit of your memoir and feel like you were able to release the pain. The ink becomes the blood.


  2. So many times we are told….to feel is to be too weak….toughen up… feel is as close as you can get to being human…or pains as well as our joys make us who we are….

    I love this piece.

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