The Truth of a Friend 


To illustrate a true friend
Who listens through the lion of sound
A nimble glimpse
To call the smiles bluff
Their immortal love
Steals eternity from our apocalypse 
An ever present experience 
Such as generations
Such as seasons
The tick of joy bleeding ruins
A knot happily linked
Forgiving the hurts that strike us
Who can stand with no legs?
She that holds my hands
The irony of the butterfly
Who soars without her wings
Defines the rarity 
Of a true friend to me.

37 thoughts on “The Truth of a Friend 

  1. Favorite line > A knot happily linked
    Forgiving the hurts that strike us

    Indeed, friends do so much. Thank you for this well written reflection of friendship
    btw.. I enjoy your photography

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      1. It took a little while after my Kids started “maturing” to learn difference between Friends and “friends.”
        Friends stick by you and tell you when you’re right or wrong and especially when you make a mistake that incurs a phone call from the local constabulary.
        “friends” tell you what they think you want to hear, party as long as you’re paying, and never answer that famous “2 o’clock” phone call.
        2 of them had to learn the hard way more than once, and found that Mom didn’t have to worry about getting into their hard heads, she could attach herself to soft tissue of ear lobes like a snapping turtle (myth is they can hold on until lightning strikes) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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      2. I completely understand George, in turn i feel very blessed for the few true friends I have. It hurts to learn the value of a true friend- meaning all the times I was betrayed by “friends”- However, it makes the few I have no that much more dear. ❤️❤️

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      3. An old friend told me once, all you need for a good life is a very few good friends to laugh and cry with when life is wonderful and crappy. Embracing reality is the hardest, but an absolute necessity. INDEED.

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      4. TY, I’m glad most people have met the “after” version of me instead of the “before.” Some of my family wasn’t sure it was me when I first came home with a big family after being gone from MS for 25+ years. I like the after me a lot better. So do my Kids.
        Age does help with maturity if we let it, indeed. So did a loving woman with a lot of patience, backbone, and no fear of speaking her mind when necessary.
        I have been very blessed. I still hear her voice when I need guidance. 👼👼Angels 👼👼 ☜ (◐︠ ͜ʖ◐︡) do surround us.


    1. Thank you Elle. I agree- it’s been hard to find “true” friends. There’s a quote tho that says something like better to have a few close friends then a whole bunch you don’t really know-I agree :))

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