My Yesterday 


Did you ever even see me?
Did you ever even know?
you never asked
always seemed bored
distracted with fancies
passing glances
…behind your glasses
you never sought my gaze
I’m screaming!
…you’re turning the page
magazines and the tele
all you would rather be
not with me
not with me
wonder why you ever said “I do”
white seams split in lieu
…of the vows you promptly outgrew 
steel knife through warm skin
tying laces on broken limbs
what a mess!
and you began to stew
and you began to feud                      knuckles swell with synovial rage
bang bang!                                          …your beautiful punching bag
swings and hangs
they rescued me
…you never changed
your unwrapped fists
devoured promises
suffocating in between
…sullen layers of sunken skin.


78 thoughts on “My Yesterday 

      1. i thank you for that. as a scorpio i crave intimacy but it has been my experience to attract damaged women. so i must remember where you come from . my name is john . peace

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      2. John, we all come from some kind of damage- it’s how we use our pain. I write about anything under the sun- it’s healing and freeing. In my experience it’s the women who have been built from ashes that rise with grace, strength and beauty. I write with and for them as well- with utmost respect :))


  1. Potent words SG, rich and deep where most are afraid, you bring the reader into that vulnerable place, it’s raw talent to express this way

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  2. Strong words and thoughts. You made me think.
    “Did you ever even see me?
    Did you ever even know? think.”
    Easy to forget the people who love us and give us so much. Thank you for the amazing poetry.

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  3. very powerful voice, especially since there are many women who lose their voices to this. I love the raw openness with which you write. you wear your heart out in the open and it’s beautiful. Loved these lines

    “white seams split in lieu
    …of the vows you promptly outgrew”

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    1. Thank you so much Elle. Your words mean a lot to me. Thank you for appreciating the way I write. I hope to connect with others who are still silent so they know they aren’t alone. Thanks so much for getting it. ❤️❤️

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