Just Me 


What is it like…to have you for a mother?

What is it like…to have me for a daughter?

They all tell me I’m special
My daughter in heaven
I tell her that too
But what about you?
How do you do?
Do you wonder about me?
Walking in circles
Pacing in dreams
Always wondering
What is it like…
To have you in my life
An empty room at the end of the night
Blank envelopes
Nothing to write



32 thoughts on “Just Me 

  1. Such an eloquent& touching piece straight from your heart. I would never attempt to say I know how you feel, because I can’t, I’m not you. I do know how it to lose my own, a Son& two Daughters way before what I felt their time should have been. When I see rainbows, I think back to the first times they recognized the colors in the skies. Before now, it made me bitter, now it makes me smile as they did.
    TY for sharing your heart and soul in words.

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    1. I’m so sorry George. Accept my hugs and love to you. I hope to look to the rainbows with smiles and not as much grief. I do have my moments. But I haven’t nearly opened my heart to even being healed yet- only recently have I started to share and open up about her loss- hoping to walk through the pain and find some peace. Our last outing together there were butterflies everywhere- it was like they were following us. So I call her my butterfly and think of her every single time I spot one- beautifully flying against the sky. ❤️

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      1. TY for your kind words. Life isn’t fair, it’s just what it is, indeed. I love rainbows, butterflies and hummingbirds. I leave my feeders up all year round. My girls loved hummers and could get them to land on their palms. When I see them buzzing around, my Nieces start making clicking sounds like they did as babies and hummers come out of the woodwork. Mixed feelings, but Nieces are so happy, so I can’t be sad anymore. Big Clan, so we keep each other balanced and uplifted, thankfully. And try not to bump into each other too much.
        Such a beautiful visual image with the butterfly. TY for sharing.
        ( >❤️❤️<)
        \/ ' \/

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      2. I’ve been having bluejays at my front door lately. This afternoon I went out to see one hopping around right by my cat- it was lovely- as Ziggy didn’t care he just watched. I started whistling and another came out- it made my heart happy.
        How would you get them to land in your hands?! I’m impressed!

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      3. My Twin daughters were Empaths and Nature’s creatures never felt threatened by their presence. Rest of us were amazed, now I realize it just depends on the birds. somehow I think I’ve learned to totally zone out and relax and be VERY still in mind and body. My Sis says it’s their spirits inside the little hummers, nothing to do with me or them. I enjoy them however it’s possible. Sometimes I’ve learned that I don’t need to know everything or worry about what I don’t know or understand. I am blessed with peace in abundance most days. That in itself is worth more than any amount of money or materialistic stuff.

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      4. TY for your kind words. A life well lived and lessons learned from many many mistakes earlier in life have helped increase what little bit of wisdom I have gathered up to this point. For too much of my life, I relied on my brain and stubbornness instead of my heart and soul for many decisions of life. It is so much more enjoyable now for my entire Family and Clan than when my Kids were younger. Maybe all my mistakes won’t have to be repeated by my Kids or Grands, at this moment they seem to be better adjusted and a lot than I was at their young ages. There is hope, indeed. TY again.
        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ❤


  2. This is so beautiful. I see these words in the clouds, and feel them in my heart. God bless you my friend. You are amazing, and stronger than you may imagine. Your gift is from God…You are his child. Blessings and love….

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    1. Vee- thank you. Your words touch me more than you know. You’re very special to me. Thank you for encouraging me and spreading love and kindness. God bless you sweet Vee! I can say God is alive through you- bringing love to this broken heart. ❤️❤️


      1. You’re so welcome. God is alive and works miracles every second. We has to stay strong, though it is not always easy. We meet in life for a specific purpose. To
        begin moving ahead we need motivation, love, and kindess. You’re broken heart will heal. The memories will stay. God bless you. 💗

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  3. Unlike the empty room in your poem, which mirrors the emptiness we feel inside our hearts when we lose a child, you can always walk in and turn on the light when you choose, you can decorate how you wish and, in the morning, allow the sun to shine in. Eventually, though, we learn that we can do this with the empty rooms within our hearts, as well. If you have not already discovered this, then this discovery is what I would wish for you the most at this point … your child and brother are still in your heart, after all, and they would probably welcome the sunshine for you as well as for them.

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