Choices Made for Us 

  Here we go

Pretty spirits arranged in rows 
Somehow we still end up alone
I would say-
wind me up like a doll
And I’ll spin round and round
Or dance in place
He should get what he paid for
But waiting isn’t what we were made for
Opposite those who die to settle
We aren’t tired
We aren’t tragic
We are alive and awake
We are sewn from magic
Rip off this dress made from velvet
Run into poverty’s hands 
I don’t want your majesty
When I could live in freedom. 

38 thoughts on “Choices Made for Us 

      1. Indeed, so true, even somedays when it drizzles, we go out. Kiddies like the squishy noises of walking in their rubber boots.
        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
        Wishing you a great day and wonderful weekend, too.

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      2. I just try to stay upright, old back doesn’t slide sometimes like it used to do and I’m still a little heavy (((yep))) for the little lifters, no matter how much desire they have to help out.

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      3. TY, I am the blessed one I feel. I’ve decided to not renew my contracts that expire in September. It’s becoming more of a pain than a challenge or fun anymore. The atmosphere in DC is no longer what I wish to deal with on a daily basis. I’ve been blessed to be able to work as long as I have, but it will soon be time to retire to my scenic homestead and spend more time with my Clan.

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      4. That sounds like a great plan George. When you know you just know. D.C. Was blessed to have your skills and intelligence and your family will be blessed with all that and more- like awesome fun grandpa :)) I truly admire you.

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      5. TY so much. Folks in DC aren’t real happy with me, but I know the difference between and option to extend a contract and renewing a contract. Silly rabbits, someone hasn’t read my file, in a previous life I was a Contracting Officer overseas. I have agreed to find at least one suitable replacement before I make my last trip in Sept. It’s more than fair, especially after I wrote in a 30 day notice for both sides to discontinue services. Everytime I interact with them, reminds me why I made decision to stay home and shaking my head on why I stayed so long after Nieces were born. False sense of patriotism, I think. Now my Clan is ready for me to retire, finally and I agree. If all goes well, I will be the loudest mute Grandpa ever in TN. ❤ ;<)))

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      6. TY, I’ll do all I can for them, but in the end of my time, I will be at peace,
        at least
        when the little ones are sleeping and snoring en masse.


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