Track Marks 


All of the noises are drowning out
But you are screaming loud
And this place we are in 
Is the sheep dressed in the devils skin
They want to see the flowers
They want to see the rose filled goblets
We are right in front of thier glasses
We are drowning in the tragic

I planted my heart that grew into a sunbeam
Underneath all the brightness 
They are still shivering in sadness
They never hear the angelic singing
They never hear the church bells beckoning
We are in an abnormal space

We are not the way we were made 

I’m learning everyday
I’m seeing the conditioned ways
They stand frozen in a microwave
They worship plastic forks and silver spoons
I reach for your hand
We kneel on our own
This life knows no reference for home

I melted away 
Maybe you’ll feel me itching your fingers
Maybe you’ll remember when you see the track marks
Their carpets become so dark they don’t see the stains
They turn their back on the reasons they came

We found eachother                      Bravery our minds                                and Jesus our mother

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