Ink it out! 


Art speaks in limitless ways 

The way dancers flock to an open space 
The way brushstrokes externalize a buried rage 
The way a chef sprinkles rosemary and sage 
The way a writer grips to the connection of a page 
Or a stick
Grounded dirt or sand
I once wrote with my fingernail on the shakiness of my panicked palm
Bathroom stalls and park benches 
Sometimes lipstick and a mirror appear heaven gifted 
When my daughter died I scribbled inside my head 
The litter of leftover thoughts
Still murmur like a distant rattling of mamas mixing pots 
Beyond a perfect line, circle or square 
Is my stream of penmanship 
Combating the woo of normalness
I do my best work under the duress of craziness
I wrote on a notepad in a bathtub in a hotel room
They said my brother was dying 
And I didn’t know what the fuck else to do
Punch a nurse or doctor?
The postman of premortem…
My tips ink it out harder 
Sometimes I dance and scream 
Shredding down the walls of my brain
Griefs found me like a ravaging bloodhound
Inside, all is not safe and sound 
But I smile and wave and nod
I am a mother and a lover 
I am a human spirit 
I share grief with the infinity of others
“Let’s talk and sit around in a circle”
but sometimes I spin out!
My Shape… is nameless
A pale face bound by a galaxy of freckles 
The overlapping and intersecting lines
The willpower of a lioness
There are no instructions for madness!
So I use the benefit of pen and paper
To be understood by myself 
and none other.


35 thoughts on “Ink it out! 

  1. Pen and Paper are both the mightiest weapons and also the most soothing of balms for those times when nothing else seems to help. Keep writing friend. I miss you souldier. You know where to find me.

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  2. Your use of beautiful powerful words…..there you go Boo Boo!
    Not just a therapy to ink it out, although I don´t have lipstick….yet. I think is therapy for us readers, at least I´m figuring that one out as I read more and more. Great job.

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    1. Well thank you very much! Yes I agree- it’s both therapeutic to write and read it out through others. For example, talking about smashing things with hammers and such- very helpful.


  3. Sis, I can’t express how much this touched me. I didn’t realize just how much we shared. I loved this, thank you so much for sharing your obviously raw emotions. Your pain was evident in every line, I was crying through the whole of it. Thank you ❤
    Hugging you xx Paris

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    1. Aw Paris! I’m definitely hugging you back. Love you sis. You’re so precious. Maybe that’s why I feel so connected to you- we share more than we know. ❤️❤️ I’m really glad you shared with me- my hearts full. Love you, love you.

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