Weeping Willow 


I thought I was the only one

The only one in your mind
The only one in your hands
The only one you cry for
The one who understands 
My soul sinks into the underworld
Smudged in its own meekness 
I cannot outshine her darkness 
My heart slips into your envelopes
I do not want to share you anymore 
You think of her 
You cry for her 
You play her violin
I draw my bow
With broken fingertips 
discovering your tears 
On another’s skin 


15 thoughts on “Weeping Willow 

  1. Poems. I have no idea what makes poems. I will read it. Sometimes I will be like ok. Whatever.
    Sometimes I’ll be like huh? Is it supposed to mean something?
    Now with this poem of yours. I feel sad?
    I am going to have to google the word Poems and try to figure out exactly what is poems! There was one by OM that got me feeling like blood draining out of my face?

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