I’m contemplating

Looking into your eyes

While I tell you your answers
While I coverup my secrets 
While I wash my face again 
And coverup my sins 
My youth burning brakes against
The daily process of growing age
I’m rarely what you see 
Or what you think
The heat that succumbs you 
Thinking it will never leave
Is condensed into one bead 
Of sweat against your t-shirt 
In the morning it has left you 
And when you ask you wait 
For me to tell you
How it is I never cry 


51 thoughts on “Alien 

      1. It is indeed my pleasure to help in any small way I can. I am glad to be able to be here and be positive and compassionate. I was raised by strong independent and faith filled Women and Men who were smart enough to listen fully and often. They created the right balance of love, respect, and FEAR in us early and OFTEN.
        ❤ );<))

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      2. TY, indeed for your kind words. I am blessed and am glad I can share my blessings with others. There’s never enough smiles, laughs, happiness and joy in peoples’ lives, but I can dang sure increase all of the above a little.
        Love and compassion are free, they allow the heart to grow larger, not smaller. Heartbreak doesn’t have to last forever unless we choose to let it.

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      3. Wow George I love your outlook! You are completely correct and it feels better to give and receive love then wallow in anger. When I am sad tho, you are definitely like a sweet butterfly coming through with a smile and kindness. Thank you sir!!

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      4. TY, I spent way too much time on the wrong parts of life, my dear Friend. Now I try to make sure I am a positive not a negative. A negative charge can never become a positive by attaching itself to only negative charges. The more positive I share with others helps me be more positive, more happy, and a lot more grateful for every day and every minute. I like the butterfly reference, my Nieces fell in love with the song about Butterfly kisses, especially after seeing their Twin Aunts scrapbooks from when they were younger. Sadly, they will never know each other, so I must teach them everything so they will never be forgotten. Their Mom is a spitting image of my first wife as they will be if they continue growing as they have since birth. Sometimes it’s unnerving the similarities, but then again, I am so blessed to have these constant reminders of their love, their lives and these beauties who can twirl Uncle George around their fingers, exactly like their Aunts.)))
        You are most welcome. Anytime I can help, just say the word. Courtsies, oops
        I’m wearing
        a Kilt
        dry day.
        Not long enough..
        Bows instead.
        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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      5. TY, I love being able to share a little bit of sunshine(occasionally well preserved Moonshine) and try to listen for those that might need a little boost in their lives. I appreciate your kind words and heartfelt words. I am humbled and blessed indeed. ❤ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


      6. Now if I could just figure out who that old guy is that keeps looking back at me when I wash my face morn and evening but says nothing, hmmm
        I’ll look like
        I grow
        I can’t wait
        to see
        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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      7. Some days, I dig out old photo albums, 8mm films, VHS tapes and audio cassettes when my Siblings and own Kids were younger. We just dealt with life as it came each day and didn’t notice we weren’t blessed abundantly, because to us, we were surrounded by family and few of us had excess, so we didn’t know any better. There was no keeping up with the Jones or Smiths, heck, the Joneses and Smiths we knew still had outhouses))))))))))))))))))) Bathtub was luxury, indeed. We had clean clothes, food, board games, card games, and real books to read and imaginations to build and expand. Heck, you couldn’t have told us we weren’t rich. And then came comic books, RC colas, and ice cream with wooden spoons, heavenly.
        Every now and then I wish to be with my wives, my Son, my Girls and my parents and grandparents, and then I hear a giggle or a laugh or an offkey rendition of lullabyes, and poof, reality brings me back to the present, I still have work to do and “spoilings” that haven’t been completed yet. I still have room for Peter an Tinkerbell in my young heart and soul.))))))))))))
        I always thought I’d rather been Robin Williams instead of normal guy George Adolphus Parker, then again in the end, I’m sure he’d changed places with me and just been a normal Grandpa. Life isn’t fair not predictable, but it is what it is, LIFE.)))))))))))))))


      1. Great, now, that the Ritis brothers have left, you know Arthur and Gouty))):<)))
        Picked up Sons last night, so it will be wonderfully full house for weekend. Other Son coming in from Memphis with wife and 2 more Grands, YAY
        Wishing you a wonderful day and weekend filled with happiness, joy, and smiles. ❤

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