The cries of an aching world

Whimpering shrills  
Flow through the portal of my broken heart
I yearn to answer each one 
Embracing outstretched arms 
With legs stuck into cement 
As eyes drip drip drip 
And mouths scream “help!”
Daughter of Zion
Wings splay in an outburst
The temper tantrum of an angel 
As the enemy grows with pride 
Grooming his own demise 
Unable to see past himself 
To feel the soldier approaching
From behind 

45 thoughts on “Souldier

  1. a stirring battle cry. I just had a strange thought – my Pee was found as a stray in Zion IL – when she was about three months old. an invalid – she had her right leg removed. Pee has always been a fighter and a strong willed – oh heavens… she strong willed….young lady. you are a fighter – not as hairy as my girl (at least i hope not:). {I hope you do not mind the comparison, but to me Sydnee Pee is a human and my daughter and I am blessed to have her and you in my life)

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    1. Not at all offended! I’m honored by the comparison actually because I know what she means to you. Thank you for sharing with me Kim. Give that sweet little fighter a belly scratch from me :)) Xo

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  2. You are a wonder of the world, SisterHeart….or at least my heart thinks so anyway….I wish I could stay up all night and read everything you’ve written. But it’s time for me to go now. Sleep well and sweet dreams, Shieldmaiden. All my love. ❤

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