My Light 

She sits with her back to me

On the edge of our memories
She knows I am close 
It’s the bond of our blended souls 
Her hair sweeps over her shoulder
She is the sunshine for our summer 
All the pasts of darkness 
Worked through gravestones to 
dig and bury us
Yet even in between rock and mortar 
Light will always break asunder 
And now I pause and watch her
My fairy winged angel
With a raw fleshed halo 
For generations 
We have clung together 
She saved my life 
Volunteering for the front lines 
Demanding to take the fall for us 
My sweet sweet breath of existence 
It is in you I find 
My eternal light. 

15 thoughts on “My Light 

    1. Oh my sweet Paris! Thank you so much for your words. I’ve missed your poetry too. I look for you everyday. I love that picture and poem you linked me too-thank you! That little girl is my daughter, and I’m so honored Paris. You truly touch my soul. ❤️you sis. Xo

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      1. I had no front teeth for 3 and half years…LOL so every damn Christmas I sang…All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth…LOL, my parents should be shot for torturing me. 😉
        Love you too sis

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      2. I know right, somewhere there are videos of my sister and I with our hair braided around our heads and swimming like Esther Williams….tho I was invariably naked, except panties, I kid you not, never kept my clothes on LOL, my poor parents I even stripped at church hahahaha XO TMI

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