I really miss you today

Blue eyes 
Always converse
Always the jokester
The tragedy laced into my heart
As I stitch it tears apart
The pulse of where you are 
In the flesh that swims upstream
In the veins that give and take
The mothers milk 
Where I am permanently stayed 
My nails I bite 
Claw and fight me
Growing back at quicker speeds
A metaphor that is now my grief 
I cry and wail
Yet the missing only intensifies
I can’t stand to admit it!
Have you really died? 

17 thoughts on “Denial 

      1. It’ll get better indeed. A new student nurse tried to take my blood, at least some of it went in the tube)))))))))))) and most of the needle came out of my arm afterwards. Poor kid, she was so upset, heck I’ve had more metal in me than that over the years. Still some inside)))) She thought I was mad bc I didn’t say anything at first, then she realized Mutes don’t talk or laugh))) She’ll be OK I hope or decide to do something else.


  1. I thought I was following you – I guess I am only following you on KW. Dang – I am so sorry about that. And I am sending you hugs. Lots and lots. Those memories are hard…I have tried to tell myself that at least I have them – memories of a person I love. Which is better than no memories. Doesn’t make it any easier but it is something. xxxxxxxxx

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    1. Thank you Kim. Means so much. I love the hugs and you’re right- as painful as it is to think on those memories, I wouldn’t trade them for anything. My brother was super funny so lots of times I’ll just laugh remembering- so, he is still managing to make me laugh :)) then I get sad but I feel the love and it is a beautiful love. ❤️ thank you Kim.


  2. Very nice souldiergirl, as always really.
    By the way don´t talk about me, you said blue eyes, jokester….come on and I´m not dead for crying out loud. You already want to kill me and we´ve just met. Normally takes people a couple of months to want to kill me.

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      1. We are good to go, my “boo boob”….that´s will be our little nick names when we walk around the house with the chandelier over our head, I will say “Good morning boo boo, I´m taking out the golden retriever for a walk after I open the white fence”

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