27 thoughts on “Safety

      1. No other way, a bit scary though. Specially since your memory is like the one of an elephant and you women remember even the slightest screw up that the guy did months and months ago, well in one of those “remembering” moments of you, you might get angry and shoot the poor bastard in the butt while he´s sleeping, then he´ll wake up with a dumfounded face and ask “what are you doing?” So, dangerous in your hands.My suggestion is very realistic squirt guns.

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      2. Haha! I’m impressed if I’ve already shot him in the butt and he just says “what are you doing” shouldn’t we be calling 911? Or am i a nurse too?


      3. Well he´s a cool dude, so he´s not panicky, he just lift´s his head up and just cooly says those words.

        Then you eventually feel sorry for him realise how cool goofy-fun man- boy he is, also with a bit of a rebellious streak and little mean boy inside of him and then you´ll do the nurse part.

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