Silly Boys 


Silly boys 
Play games 
Not with toys
With me
Are they oblivious?
Are they serious?
The bell has rung
Oh goodie! It’s my turn 
“One man please!”
-The last one just left 
-But we’ve plenty of boys ma’am 
“No and no thanks” 
I’ve been up to my breasts
In one liners, immature negotiators, 
Lust takers masked as matured lovers 
and honey I can tell you
Age ain’t nothin but a number
He’s either a man or still a boy at 37
Promise breakers, mamas boys
Aww…did you forget your bottle?
-Wait my still at mommies
Fold please?
No and no thanks 
Hmm…what about her?
Yeah that little sweetface over there
The one with the subtle curls
It’s been a long time
But there are no laws in attraction
The quilt I’ve made from boys 
Is frozen and dead
I just want some good love
I’ll take her hand instead 

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