The Blade of Lonely 

Closeness, like a needle on a string 

When will it mend 
When will it maim 
Ripping hard into temptation 
The lure of loves injection 
The camoflaughed virus within the vaccine 
Infected veins now running weak 
The wandering soul
The hawk eyes of the bird
To entrap her life
The craving for company 
Creates a naive ignorance 
So I coat myself with armor
A preference of protection over comfort 
I walk with my claws out
A warrior who has learned 
It’s best not to hold the earnest hand
God and I may be head to head
I’m a stubborn daughter 
With defenses up
But as my life completes its cycle
He’s the only one who’s never left
These bones of alone 
Are loaded with fire, not fragility
Forgive me Father 
But I’ll swing like a bat
And I won’t miss
The one who dare come near me
Adorned with the foul fragrance
Of false promises 

14 thoughts on “The Blade of Lonely 

  1. Keep Kickin Ass Souldiergirl. Love it. That image reminds me of the main character in a movie titled “Sucker punch”. Trippy ass movie. Just saw it again the other night.

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  2. Actually pretty sure that is a drawing of her character. LOL. Just watched the trailer again to see.
    BTW, I have not forgotten. I hope to write with you soon. have any ideas? If you have a subject you want to write on just email me. I hope to be ready tomorrow or next week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh really? Ha! I had no idea- just totally drawn to the power she exudes- not to mention sexiness and yeah the gun and sword. 🙂
      No rush- I’m here whenever. I’m just super excited you asked. I don’t have a subject yet- let me ponder, I know it’s gonna be dark tho- Muhahaha
      Now give me that devilish smirk.

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      1. Yup. A dark and visually stunning if not a little disturbed flick. I enjoyed it. She kicks ass for sure.
        I am gonna let you find us a theme and direction. You know I LOVE dark so we should sync up nicely. I have always thought your writing style would compliment my own in a unique and powerful way. Can’t wait to see what kind of trouble we can get into. HAHA.
        As far as the Devilish Smirk?…….>; )~……… There ya go. Don’t spend it all in one place.

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      2. Oh I looove a little disturbed. Yesss.
        Ok so…I might not have it by tomorrow then! Ha 🙂 still need to do something for warfare Wednesday. Im gonna get started and take that devilish smirk with me!!! Woohoo!!

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