Sadness on display 

Sadness on display

Oh my heart, how it breaks 
Swinging like a ball and chain
I suppose this is how you like it 
To see my sadness on display
I will not escape the fire beneath my feet
I choose to take the beating and absorb the pain 
And my eyes hurt from attempts to see something other than deception 
Slumped in the corner, 
the diorama of dissection 
My soul bobs in a sea of weeping 
God himself can’t dull the wailing 
And you ran away 
And you ran so fast
While I screamed at your door 
Until the morning reached four 
I woke as a centerpiece to your game of wicked hope
With mocking fingers pointing
“You should have known”
So my dear, you’ve won 
And here I am, shredded once again
I suppose you’ve been waiting 
For the grand showcase
Another trophy behind glass 
My sadness on display 

18 thoughts on “Sadness on display 

  1. You are so talented, these words really speak to me!
    ‘I woke as a centerpiece to your game of wicked hope…’ I think that is a feeling so many people can relate to!

    Great stuff, glad I came on here to read this 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

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