I am a Thunderstorm 

The past is a prologue 

To the story of my life  
Born into the palms of 
Someone who would always be
A stranger 
I was supposed to be a boy
Named David 
What a stunner 
Instead I was born an anchor
My backstories are burdens
Weighing lovers down
Positioning them on the run 
My hands tremble 
I jump before the trigger
My life is a thunderstorm 
And I twirl in it
I sleep in it
I breathe with stillness in it
Often my tears outdo it 
I was the bolt of lightening 
Shocking an unsuspecting island 
Making waves that never quit
Inked with marks of slits 
Upon each wrist 
It just is what it is 
I am what I am
I am a thunderstorm 
I am that rain, that wetness
Gliding downstream 
On your cheeks 
*From “make it rain Monday” on Kindred Words 

38 thoughts on “I am a Thunderstorm 

  1. beautiful post my sweet friend
    beautiful your photos, those in blog
    your personal.
    I wish they were a girl like you.
    I kiss you because you’re beautiful


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      1. Whether the world knows or not…please always remember that I know you are here. I’ve heard you and I carry your story with me just like it was my own. I’ll always remember exactly where you are and I’ll always whisper a prayer to the universe at night before I go to sleep that you are safe and well and resting comfortable at the end of each day. And though I’m not naive enough to believe that the days without wounds outnumber the days with…..I hope you can regain your strength and rejoin me on the field tomorrow. 💕

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      2. Thank you so much. Not sure where you’ve come from- maybe you’ve been sent to help me- because that’s exactly what you are doing and you mean so much to me. I will remember this and pray and wish for so many deserved blessings for you.

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