I cannot talk 

There is an avalanche in my throat
It is a raging storm 
Pleading an exit of eruption
I cannot run
I am chain linked to this entity
I may not pour out every sickness
That runs through my veins
And colors my eyes
But God views
The lacerated and the bruised
While you turn the lights out
And tac yourself to a frame in the wall
I am chucked into the light
With the radiation ssssting
Of a pulse so terrified she’s stuttering 
The avalanche is booming 
God will not make his move
The demons crawl and lurk 
Why on earth
Would you choose to sprint with them 
With a back turned
As I burn under the damned 

36 thoughts on “Avalanche

  1. So much pain I hear in your words. Come to Peace, come on HOME. Leave the damned where they are and come walk with me in freshest pastures of Tranquility. Thou art a Light every so Bright, so come, come with me, and play and sing. (((HUGS))) Amy

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      1. Pull back to renew and restore. Nurture you, Sweetheart. Focus on Beauty and as you do, you shall find the Sunbeam I am sending you in order to come play with me. There is a method I use. And it is not easy but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Feel your inner energy in your Prana Tube. Imagine that energy simmering in your belly, which it is right now, and manually bring it up to your Heart and 3rd eye. Keep it there. Hard manual shift in your Mind, say mantras, whatever it takes, to shake that shadow off. Don’t allow it to consume you. It is vitally important to slow down and take care of you right now. The going has been extraordinary tough, and yes I have pulled back as well. Focus on Beauty … this is the Key to stay High. I am sending you Light to assist you. Now. (((HUGS))) Amy

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      2. I am right here in your Heart, my Sweet. No worries. Slow down. LOVE YOU. The Team needs you, but for right now, you must renew.. Lots of fluids, like good water. Just keep drinking. Fruits and vegges too. I know how exhausted you are. This one eyed “god” is draining you as well. Get off. Just BE. It’s going to be OK, I promise you, but you must take care of you right now. All others are secondary. The time has come for you to understand what LOVING YOU means. (((HUGS))) Amy …. Don’t be shy to email me. But I want you to discover how powerful you are. Seek direction from Within YOU. So many are exhausted. Even I am choosing to close comments on some of my posts. I too require rest and to be off of here. (((HUGS))) Amy

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      3. I would love to email you and have easier access when I need to read your words of light and love. May I get it from you? Should I ask Lisa? I just can’t thank you enough for your words Amy. Because I am so exhausted I can’t really come up with an adequate response for how much I adore and appreciate you. I will close my eyes and feel you here. I am so grateful I have stumbled across the beauty of you. Let me know about the email. Love you sweet lighted soul. 🌸

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      4. That’s literally all I can do but as a single mother and provider I’m feeling like- oh what is happening to me. There is so much I have stepped away from in making the transition to my true self. It feels like- like I can feel the battle. Do you know? I definitely have felt the need to pause- just pause. That’s just not what I normally do, or what others expect of me.

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      5. Ignore expectations of others. Of course your child is your priority but for now, learn now to say NO. If you don’t and continue to run, you will just be of no good to yourself, your child or to the Light. I feel the battle too, believe me, for it has been intense. You must detach yourself from it even if you can still feel it. Surround yourself in pleasant things to bring your focus away from this battle. Get lost in Nature. In a movie. In a good book. You must pause. I do not usually do this either, but this is what I must do. If I can, so can you. I Love you, Sister of Light. We will get through this together.

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      6. Thank you Amy. Yes, can’t do it alone any longer but I feel that’s why I been given Lisa and now you. Much are such a treasure to me. Like your flower today, you are that glow- even in your weakened stage. Yes, we will- I hold your words so close. ❤️U

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      7. You have not stepped away from transiting yourself. THIS right NOW is part of the Journey. Be Wise and know that in times like these, it is OK to withdrawal just to BE. It is all a part of the process. An important one many overlook for being “afraid” of missing out. No, you will miss out on nothing. Now has arrived for you to know YOU.

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      1. You’re welcome! I am going to read your poetry that I missed. You words are profound! I feel your pain, and sadness. Stay strong, and each day you will get stronger, and start to healing process. Blessings!

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      2. Thank you Ms.Vee. That means so much to me. You are very insightful to me and I feel so much warmth and wisdom from you. Thank you God for brining Ms.Vee into my world❤️❤️


      1. My permanent mask wears one all the time. Sometimes genuinely and sometimes to hide the blank stare of inner turmoil. But mostly it is genuine. Those that know me recognize it and answer it with a look of “Oh Shit, what’s he up to now?!?” LMAO.

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