Armor and Skin

Let us for a single moment

Leash our minutes and frame this image-
That you are as present as my own skin
I am the armor dressed upon you 
A genuine protection that does not weigh down or harm you 
A consuming presence to stand guard while you heal
Closer than the stars to their flame
More delicate than the swans milky feathers
Quiet as a mothers whisper
Inked into the endless depth of you
To stand in honored recognition
Head bowed in unselfish submission
Guided by a higher instruction
A sword to slain the criminals ravage urging 
You will not feel the pierce of pain 
I would be as the armor -and you-Would be as my skin

34 thoughts on “Armor and Skin

  1. SG, you say things of praise on my posts and I’m truly happy to receive from you. But I must say, your poetry takes my breath away. This may sound personal but it is and I don’t care. I love your writings and if they are but just a fraction of the woman you are, to use brilliant is still dull compared to you. I hope this does not embarrass, I hope it inspires. You are beautiful.

    ps I’m reblogging this without your permission 😛

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    1. You don’t need to ask for my permission silly. I am not embarrassed Ax- deeply touched by your descriptions of me and the love and pureness you have given to me. Thanks for being real and honest and insanely kind to me. 💛

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