Red Palms 

The room fills

So dark and heavy
The screams lurk
Absorbed and steady
The second I turn away
You lunge and hit me 
Your hands on my bare back
Slapping so violently
Like everything you have buried
And I’m the bullseye for your mental 
I thought we were past this?
You know what,  I’m so damn sick 
Of looking over my shoulder 
It’s a guess of what to expect 
An apologetic hug or
The rage of your fists. 

15 thoughts on “Red Palms 

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I know it must be hard for you, but DV must be talked about. Keeping quiet and hiding the dirty secrets will never solve anything. God bless you, and your family!

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  2. SG…this makes me want to gut someone for hurting the younger you…though violence isn’t the answer, but damnnn…I loved your “mental vomit” because isn’t just so, no rhyme nor reason…anger, frustration and mental shit vomitted all over the unsuspecting recipient. I’m glad to see you writing it out so that it might cleanse the wounds left on the inside, for those are the ones that scar deepest.
    Love to you beautiful~and a big fat hug
    xx Paris

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    1. Yes you and me both. The anger still comes in waves and writing helps- it is healing, especially when the wounds are leaking. Wish I could just scoop up all the innocent victims and love them- I hate the evil in this world. A enormous hug and love back to you Paris- you’re an amazing spirit❤️❤️

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