Transparent, Me

I’ve missed you terribly

Like when Jesus left Mary 
Her heart released and carried 
How long ago were we split 
From one to two
I’ve searched in crowded rooms
I’ve written the ink out of all my pens
I’ve prayed, begged, and wished on stars
The ones that burned into my soul
In that ever gaping hole
I’ve caught and killed butterflies 
I’ve bled and died alone 
I’ve been frozen and I’ve been stoned 
I’ve left lovers and led blind men
I lost children and wailed for you then
I was put in the hands of cruelty
And abandon when they tired of me
I handed myself up and over 
My heart clutched in the teeth 
Of an eagle
Searching to find you 
At last the garnet was delivered 
And I felt a jolt of life 
My twin soul
I am moved beyond control
And my heart weeps
Baptized in belief 
I love you 
Reborn and recycled 
I’ve played all my roles 
I walk into my final lifetime 
A last surrender 
To fill your soul with mine 
So we can leave behind our parts
To drown in the destiny 
Of a completed heart

56 thoughts on “Transparent, Me

  1. Speechless. Wow. Just speechless. I believe finding a Twin Soul within the Self, that is the Life one becomes ONE and thus completes these journies to planet earth. Or so I hope for I am SO ready to complete my transmissions. (smile) Great work by a great soul. (((HUGS))) Amy

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      1. You leave me stunned. Can you actually “see” my Light, or “feel” me? Your words just want me to lay my head down and weep, for my Journey has been so long and so difficult, always it seems pushing back the dark, pushing back the dark. And in that pushing, at times I think I loose my “glow”. Bless you for words you speak to me that put tears in my eyes, and give me Hope that what I do, does count for something in a world that has gone insane. (((HUGS))) Amy

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      2. Hi lovely rose. Yes Amy, in feeling the light radiated from you, it enables me to see it. It can be in those truly weak times where our/your light can really glow. I know it doesn’t feel like that- but what is more lovely and alluring than a flower In the darkness that refuses to die, she pushes back her fragile petals and insists on reaching the sun! Now that is real beauty- that is rooted strength and yes you have it. You can still weep in the darkness while reaching for the sun :)) you are needed- you are a gift- please stay. ❤️

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      3. To reassure you, my friend, I am staying. I have just been through the scare of my Life, yet in that, GOOD came out of it. It seems whenever I go up a notch or two in the strength department, the dark strikes in ways that I never expect. These strikes shake me. But in the shaking, I begin to think of how to go around this dark, and rise again. The woman who did my hair yesterday gave me some good advice … just keep on doing what you are, staying humble and quiet, and not allowing anything or anyone to deter you. I’m taking that advice and also getting some much needed rest. It takes a lot of energy and strength and stamina to interact with as many as I do. When the “healer” gets weary, she herself needs respite or she will be of no good to anyone, least to herself. I am really not going anywhere, and if you are the sensitive I believe you are, you will feel me even when not “present” here on WP. You are something else, let me tell you. In closing, all you have said about me, you can in fact apply to YOURSELF. (((HUGS))) Amy

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      4. Thank you Amy. I believe you are something else my lovely rose. Yes please rest and take gentle care of yourself. The attacks from darkness are fierce and require time to climb up and over. You are so bright the darkness wants to squelch you from envy. However, this won’t happen because you will continue to rise. It feels blinding at times, but remember it is with your wings that you fly through the temporary shadows of life. Love to you rising rose ❤️

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      5. The dark, my friend, has become intensely fierce. I’m not sure if this is a desperate attempt to survive because LOVE has finally gone over the 50% mark or what. When I get slammed it is now from very unexpected sources that leave me reeling. Number 3 attack last week actually led to the beginning of physical symptoms of dis-ease, so immediately I rested and nurtured and drew back. I had a conversation with my “Source of Love” and asked if perhaps due to all that I have done, I could just now sit quietly on a plateau over the darkness to enjoy Peace and Tranquility, as I used to before I became drafted. I never did receive an answer. LOL I’m coming back slowly, my friend, for with the passing of my Dad and this latest one two three punch down for the count, I realized my strength and stamina still are not as they could be. I’ve anchored my Light at Petals, and regardless if I am blogging or not, that Light is felt and received by those who are ready to receieve it. This week I will be back to blogging, probably not to the extent I know I can, but as much as I can. When I am seen lately, the number of people who come forth stuns me, so many seeking Love and Truth and Light. I have many praying for me, and I in turn are praying for many. I have Great Protection over me, so you know when I do arrive back on the scene here on WP, it wil be “business as usual”. Sending Much Love to you this day, my Souldiergirl Sister. (((HUGS))) Amy

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      6. Oh Amy i resonate with this more than you know- but I believe you do know, right? :)) I feel that too. As the love increases the dark delves into deeper shades of its evil hue. I will pray for you and ask will you pray for me too? I am fighting the same battle and am exhausted at this point in every which way. However I had a vision and here’s what it told me: the light can shine even in the darkness, even if it’s dull, a tiny spark- look people are still drawn to that light! But in the light the darkness will never shine, will never glow- it doesn’t draw it overtakes. It’s bossy and light is comforting. It will be victorious. Thank you for taking time to share and inspire me. I’m here and I won’t go dammit! It just hates our lights doesn’t it- so maybe I should say that a little louder ;)) love and hugs and light to you, precious beautiful glowing rose.

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      7. Sweetheart, when you are exhausted, you need to draw back and regain your strength. This is exactly what the “enemy’s” stragedy is. Our basic need is to keep shining, to keep pushing, to keep going. Yet, if we continue to do so when our batteries are low, and do not recharge, we end up competey burned out and no good for anyone. We need to take time out to rest, to play, just to BE, to absorb the energy all around us, without the thought we must keep on working. No. It is not possible. I have gone back and forth with this, knowing how many are waiting for my posts, and waiting to interact with me, but I must develop boundaries so that I stay healthy and strong. All who do seek our Light, must learn to go Within to find their own Light and to learn how to listen to their own Heart. There is fine line between enabling, and helping. No one but you can define that line, and still it is not easy to define. Be well, and stay that way. Now I must go for now, for the ones I care for are calling. I will be preparing my posts for this week as well today. I will keep an eye out for you if you need to talk. Know I am here. OK? (((HUGS))) Amy


      8. Your words are true music. You have a way with words that is mystical, deep, and just so beautiful. You are so talented and also so needed, so don’t you please give up. Deal?

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