Oh professor hello
My! my! how the suit 
Is followed by my eyes 
While your hand is at the white board
The fundamentals of Psychology…
Oh, how interesting 
Would you like to analyze me?
I bet I’ll blow your…
After class, after hours
In my mini skirt 
And cherry sucker 
White blouse 
With snap buttons
Hair in a messy bun
Nice and warm 
Like bread from the oven
Hello, how do you do?
No ring on your finger
Are you single too?
Laughs and holler backs
Bending over 
Filling my glass
Extra credit?
Let me be your star student
Cherry sucker
Come a little closer
Have you figured me out yet?
Not by a long shot 
I’ll need you to fill in
All my late night appointments
Oh! the nice long couch of a therapist 
And all the extra credit 
Professor is willing to give 

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