Dark Corners 

Dark Corners 

I found you in a dark corner
Alone and scarred
Believing yourself undeserving 
I came from a dark place too
So tired and bruised 
Strong was the desire to be the water for you
Have what you need
I love you 
I want you in my forever
You said it was possible 
Then she returned 
And our grown flesh was 
Once again dried bones 
Why would you tell me
You have to sit and be with her 
Then asking me to wait 
Lick the scrap from your dinner plates? 
No thanks 
I couldn’t help but love you
You couldn’t help but pull away
These recycled patterns
Will keep us in dark corners
Day after day 

16 thoughts on “Dark Corners 

      1. You are very welcome, Luv. I actually wrote these words down, and as soon as my Heart directs me, they will be on Petals with a gorgeous flower. Bless you for helping me pull this out of me. BIG (((HUGS))) Amy

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