I smell the rose

Soft red velvet
When you came from behind
And slid it across my shoulderline
Its comforting scent 
Smoldering me with love evidence 
Nibbling my ear and curling me near
Gently lifting me up
And placing me down
Gaze to gaze 
A promise was made
You willed not to stray
Now the petals ripped and stained 
From a hand that carries teardrops
From eyes that witnessed your love cropped
Leaving truth outside the picture
The comforting memory 
Is now a a wilted vapor 

20 thoughts on “Wilted 

  1. Listen now. It’s the full moon and we should be running through the forests. It’s transformation time. So what color wolf are you? I’m silver. Johnny is black and he’s fast. We can race to the river. I’ll bite that black dog that’s slinking around! 😉

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