I am your daughter 

Curled hair, Sunday school

Porcelain baby, porcelain doll
Hands slid inside white laced gloves
Am I good enough mommy?
I’m all dressed up!
Long hair, Christian school  
Plié’s at the ballerina bar
First second third position 
Stunning show, silk tied ribbons
Empty seats, fifth position 
Turn and bow, she’s not watching 
Dropping grades 
Confused, ashamed 
Crippled in the tub for hours 
Bleeding blades on razors   
Too much to handle
She sends me away
No warmth upon returning 
Don’t speak do not mention
Perfect grades, flawless face
Still too dull for her gaze 
My own arms, I use for embrace
Homecoming queen, varsity team
Last one picked up
Late as usual 
Mom, can we at least talk?
No! Read the bible, you slut
Hide that ass
Tie down those breasts
Face scribbled black 
Hood worn up 
What’s that? 
Drunk drugged 
Masked and raped
Hospital tanked
Alone alone she’s too busy for baby 
First position
Keep the facade going
Look that pristine part 
So she can pretend not to know
Bow turn cage plié
Perfect flatline confusion
Drowning baby disillusion 
String pulls 
String twisting
Giving birth into a life 
Of crazy making 

*Please love and hug your sons and daughters today. Give them your face and your arms, let them feel you love them no matter how good or bad they are. ***just love***

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